Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Bethany

Hello, hello hello.  Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.  Is there anyone at home?
Sooooooo....I've read that when blog readers hear the words "sorry it's been so long since I've blogged" at the beginning of the post, they are turned off, and often don't read further. So, how about some slightly kooky Pink Floyd lyrics, instead? Hey, it got you to read this far, right? Right? Hello? Yoooooohoooooo, where'd you go?

You've likely noticed that I've been taking a hiatus? break? from blog posting.  Sorry about that.  We had a big family crisis occur, and I just didn't feel like my usual, goofy self for a while.  Don't worry, we're all healthy and together, and things are better.

So, what have I been doing with all my free time? (you know, when I'm not working, taking care of kids, doing laundry, or complaining about my dog and his hair/how he smells/how he's scratching up my wood floors/how I'm allergic to him/how he paces around and whines, etc? ) Well, I've apparently been watching too much TV Land, because I find myself calling my dog Lamont (because he's a big dummy) and saying "ah geez, would you stifle?!"  Oh boy, if you weren't alive for part of the 70's, today's post is probably making no sense... Well, it probably doesn't make sense to the rest of you either, actually....  Is it really bad that I'm kind of glad that my dog is probably a lot older than the 2 years that the animal shelter estimated? 

Why, yes I AM completely babbling in a nonsensical manner.  More so than usual, even! Thanks for noticing.  I'll try to pull my scattered thoughts together for a normal post in a day or two-I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here, and haven't totally abandoned the old blog.  I've just been (un)comfortably numb. Heh, see what I did there?

Picture is from .  I think I need this one!
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