Sunday, February 28, 2010


What an exciting weekend here at Imperfect Mom! Not only did I get 6 comments on my latest post (even if some of those were me commenting back), but I also gained two new followers! But wait-there's more exciting news! Are you ready? I won, not one, but TWO blog awards, kids! I never win anything! Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket, my luck must be changing.  I feel like I've been invited to the Prom by the quarterback, or something. (Except I'm 35, so that would be kind of creepy, and would make me a serious cougar, although it would be eerily flattering, but you get the idea.  I hope.) Have I ever mentioned how shy and socially awkward I am? (And how much I like to use parenthesis?) Dare I throw out the old cliche-you like me, you really like me! Ok, enough with the gushing.  Seriously ladies, thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate it!

The requirements for both of these awards ask that I pass the awards on to lots of other people.  I've not been blogging, or even reading many blogs very long, so I don't have as many blogs to pass these nice awards on to.

First of all, thank you to the awesome IASoupMama from for awarding me with the Sunshine Award.  This is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world! (Wow-I am sure am glad I decided to give up complaining for Lent this year!)

The rules for this award are as follows:

•Put the logo on your blog or within your post.

•Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.

•Link the nominees within your post.

•Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

•Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Here are my nominees: (I can't do 12 yet, but here are three extra good ones!)

Next, Michelle, the joyful Blissful Babbler herself, from gave me the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you!

Accept the award; post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are my super cool nominees:
A couple of these nominees are online buddies from way back, a couple are new blog buddies, and a couple are ladies with blogs I have admired for a while.  (That sounds stalkerish, doesn't it? I promise I'm not a stalker! This is so awkward.)

Thanks again, and once I figure out how, I'll display these awards proudly here on the blog!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Confessions of a Library Loser

I have a bad habit.  Well, actually, I have several, but we'll save the rest for other postings.  I am really, really, REALLY bad about turning in library books on time.  Heck, not even "on time", it's more like, I'm bad about turning in library books within a couple of months after they are due.  I have no excuse for my poor citizenship in this regard, I'm just a lazy, forgetful, procrastinator.  In every town I've lived in, I've had a library card.  I love to read, so this is a necessity.  I always start out with good intentions of returning my books in a timely matter, and I'll do reasonably ok for a while.  By "reasonably ok", I mean that they are only a week or two overdue when I turn them in.  Eventually, though, I get distracted by other, non-library related things, and my slacker-ness escalates to weeks, months, seasons..... I always get the books turned back in at some point, but embarrassed to show my face inside the library, the fines haven't always gotten paid.  I feel so guilty admitting that.  In the times in the past, we've always ended up moving to a new town or state, (not because of that!) where I get to start fresh with an untarnished borrowing record, and a shiny, new library card.  I always screw it up.

This past summer, my kids and I made many visits to our favorite local library.  Like always, the books got turned in roughly around the time they were due for a while, and with me feeling proud of myself for my borrowing responsibility, we'd check out new ones.  This continued until school started, and our routine was disrupted.  The three of us had checked out at least 9 books between us, which got forgotten about for a few......ummmm.....months.  Yeah.  I ignored a few letters from the library, thinking that I'd get the books rounded up and turned back in soon, and then promptly buried my head back in the sand.  (I'm such a jerk.) Eventually, my husband demanded that we locate all the books, and we took them to the library's after hours drop box.  Sweet relief.  Fast forward a couple more months, until this morning.  My husband opened up a very angry letter from the library, threatening terrible things if we do not return the books (what books? I thought we returned them all?!) and pay the overdue fines, OR pay $235 within 30 days.  Two Hundred and Thirty-five Dollars.  Considering that I thought we already turned all of the books in, and I've not seen them around, I may have to give up buying Peppermint Mocha Lattes for quite a while. Let's just say that dear hubby is not very happy with me today. I am very much in the doghouse.  He has told me that I can no longer use my library card.  Normally, I'd argue (or let's face it, ignore) this demand (I'm not so good with being told what to do), but what can I possibly say for myself? I'm a library loser, and I'm ashamed of myself. 

Some women get cut off from their credit cards, and I, my friends, get cut off from my library card. 
There ought to be a 12 step program for being a Library Loser.  I can't seem to help myself-just when I think I've learned my lesson, it happens again, worse than before.  For now, I'm keeping the shades pulled, and the doors locked, in case the angry librarians come looking for me.  I'm sure they'll be armed with barcode scanning guns, and they'll arrest me with book binding tape, and drag me off in the Book Mobile to the stacks, where I'll be imprisoned, forced to alphabetize and memorize the Dewey Decimal System.  They might give me one phone call, but I'll have to whisper, so no one will be able to hear me anyway.  If this happens, please come visit me.  I'll be in the "Bethany" wing of the building.  (You know, the one they built with all of my "contributions"?)

What do I do?

What do I do?
This library book is 42
Years overdue.
I admit that it's mine
But I can't pay the fine--
Should I turn it in
Or hide it again?
What do I do?
What do I do?

By Shel Silverstein

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (aka: Just More Random Babbling)

1.  Everything is better with cheese.

2.  Had a consultation with the Dentist today about pre-orthodontic treatment for my daughter.  Hello, Aldi's-we'll be seeing a lot of each other for the next few years. Since my son is only 2.5 years younger, that means that they will both likely be in orthodontic treatment at the same time at some point.  Poor family planning on our part.

3.  Frustrated with Cub Scouts.  My son's den leader does the best she can, especially considering she didn't want to be the leader anyhow, so I feel bad for complaining.  But. BUT!  The meetings are so chaotic, the boys (especially hers), are so out of control, and the boys don't seem to be getting anything out of it.  Last night's meeting consisted of the boys chasing each other around her house with play swords, while us parents talked about how the boys can earn beltloops and random stuff.  Yeah. Ugh.  I'd volunteer to lead a meeting, but she wants to do them herself.

4.  My kids came downstairs earlier saying they needed an ice cube for an experiment.  Then they decided a mushroom would do.  NO.  Next, I heard them talking about how they needed some water to pour on their gum.  THROW it away.  They are so strange....

5.  I adore Chipotle's chips.  I think it's the lime salt.  Hmmm.....maybe if I put lime salt on salad, and grilled chicken, and egg whites and all the other "healthy" stuff I ought to be eating, I'd want to eat it! (Do you think skim milk would be more tempting with a hint of lime?)

6.  My daughter is in a 3rd grade/4th grade split class.  They are following the fourth grade curriculm for music, which means that we get to listen to recorder practice for two years in a row! Yea. This is basically what I'm hearing this week: "Hot cross squ-EAK!, hot cross SQUEAK!, 1 a SQEEEEAAAAA, 2 a penny, hot cross SQU-ea-EAKKKKKKK!!" This too, shall pass.

7.  It's going to take me a while to get to 13.

8.  What happened to all of the Thin Mints we brought home last week? *looking around innocently*

9.  I ought to write a post about some of the funny calls we get at work.  A lady a couple of weeks ago was angry because I wouldn't give her the number to the CVS on 38th street.  We are a tutoring company, not a drugstore!  She asked me how she was supposed to find the number, and didn't like it when I politely suggested she dial 411.

10.  I was looking over a teacher's resume at work, and she had spelled "Purdue" wrong repeatedly.  Seriously, you are a teacher, and can't spell the college you supposedly graduated from correctly on a resume? I make typos, and don't always spell correctly, but c'mon.  A resume?! Your college?! That one went in the "NO" pile.

11.  I really don't care about the Olympics.  I've watched a few minutes of the coverage here and there, but I just can't make myself care. I'm sorry, world.

12.  I recently discovered this blog: I love blogs that make me laugh.

13. Cheese.  I need more cheese!

The idea for "Thursday Thirteen" came from this blog:  Thanks!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to Eat an Apple (if you are a 9 year old girl)

My children have peculiar eating habits.  For example, ever since he was a baby, my son has refused to eat cereal.  I don't have any idea why.  He even went through a stage where he would not carry a grocery store bag that had a box of cereal in it.  My daughter is horrifyingly picky when it comes to food.  There is only a small handful of things she will eat, and she's very particular about how those things are prepared.  For example, she will only eat a whole apple if it's been peeled.  If I give her apple slices, she will take exactly one bite out of each slice so that she doesn't get too close to the peel.  So, with this in mind, I present my first "How To...." blog posting.

How to Eat an Apple if You are a 9 Year Old Girl

Step 1: Rummage around in the utensil drawer looking for the vegie/potato peeler.  Complain when it isn't found.
Step 2: Take teeny-tiny bites of the peel and spit them into the sink over and over until the peel is gone.  Do not rinse sink or run disposal afterwards.
Step 3: Take 2 or 3 small nibbles of the apple, decide you are full, and throw the whole apple in the sink.

Nice, huh? Meanwhile, my son (who doesn't mind eating the peel), has eaten (and swallowed) all of the peel off of his apple, and decided that he is full, too.  Next time, I'm going to have him eat the peel off, and give it to his sister to finsish.  Saves time and money-just like Jack Sprat and his wife!

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Take on the Spring Trends OR Will I, or Won't I

Clothes shopping-I love it, and I hate it.  I love buying and wearing cute new things.  However, I often find it frustrating, as well.  First of all, I don't have the money that the wardrobe I'd like to have requires, but who does? I am a serious bargain hunter (read: cheap) out of necessity.  I make practical choices because I want the things I buy to be useful and versatile. Because of this, my style is often kind of boring, but I get the job done.  I also am frustrated by my body.  Name me one woman who isn't, and I will tell you she's a liar.  My metabolism came to a screeching halt the very second that I turned thirty.  Brands and style that used to flatter me, now do not.  Also, I think that dressing room mirrors must add 30 pounds to my reflection, because I always look thinner in my bathroom mirror at home. Couple the effects of the sluggish metabolism with a pair of short, stumpy legs, and there you have the reason why I often leave the dressing room, handing piles of clothes to the sales girl, and leave the store feeling defeated.  Anyhow, since I have to make careful choices, due to finances and how the clothes look on my body, I often get overwhelmed when shopping.  I don't even know what to look for sometimes.  Therefore, I'm going to go through the spring fashion trends that I've read about in style magazines and blogs, and decide what things I will and will not be adding to my shopping wish list this season.


Mid-Height Heels-Yeah, baby! Being a short girl, you'd think I'd be all over the stilettos, but no, I enjoy not tipping over, not being in pain, and not feeling like I'm teetering around on mini stilts.

Stripes-Apparently stripes are supposed to be in for spring.  I'm just kind of "eh" on this one.  It depends more on the garment, and the style.  I will be staying away from those tiny, skinny stripes that make me dizzy, however.

Black and White-I can do this! I think.... I already wear a lot of black, so this is good.  The white, I'm not so sure about.  I lke the idea of wearing white, but it's so sheer-no matter what color undergarments I wear, they are always visible, and I don't like that.  Maybe white accessories, or a black and white print (with a pop of yellow) would work. depends.  Most of the yellow I've seen in magazines is a bright, canary yellow, that doesn't look good on me, or most people, for that matter.  Now, I could do a nice, pale, buttery yellow....but then we have that spesky sheerness issue, again.  I get tired of wearing tanks or camis under everything, especially when it's warm out.

Leggings-Actually, I don't know if these are still in for Spring, or not, but I do know that I'll be glad when they go out of style.  They would have looked great on me 10 or 15 years ago, but now, not so much.  Oh, I'm tempted to try it, because I see them on people with tunics or short dresses, and they look great, but I don't think I have the figure to pull it off.  I think I'll just do my self confidence, and the world, a favor, and avoid this look.

Neutrals/Beige-I'm not talking about wearing neutral pants or a jacket, but shirts, scarves, dresses, etc. all in beige or khaki.  This is what I've seen on various style blogs.  Seriously, does anyone really look good with khaki or beige up near their face?  I'll stick with pairing my khaki pants or capris (hey, I'm a suburban soccer Mom, you aren't taking away my capris, they're part of the uniform!) with a colorful top.

Fushia/Bright Pink/Hot Pink-YES! I am so on board with this one! I already have lots of bright pink, and I look and feel good in it.  Woohoo for fushia!

Feathers-Are they serious with this one? I'm not the poor little girl who's mother dressed her up as a Vegas Showgirl on Toddlers and Tiaras this week, so no, I will not be wearing much in the way of feathers.  I do have a nice little feather pin thing that I could wear....

Big Flower Pins-These have gone in and out of style for the past 3-4 years, and frankly, I think they are kind of stupid and childish looking.  They are shown especially huge and goofy looking this year. I'm not Neicy Nash, and I'm not Bozo (with a squirting flower, get it?), so I'll be passing up this one, as well.  I think.  Maybe.

Short Shorts with Tights or Leggings-No. Please. Stupid.  Dumb.  Senseless.  (see, I can't even form a sentence to express my dislike of this look)

Dress Shorts-See above.

Trench Coats-I've been wanting a trench coat FOREVER.  Seriously, I remember looking at them in the Newport News and Chadwicks catalogs when I was like, 11.  I've never had a real trench coat (just a couple trench-like coats, lol).  I need to get one of these.  A color would be fun, but my practical nature won't allow me to purchase one of these unless it can match practically everything.

Statement Necklaces-This might actually be a fall trend, but anyhow, it seems to be carrying over to spring.  I'm not sure about these.  I find many of them to be just outright tacky, and a lot of them look like decorative wall hangings or door knockers, or something.  Anyhow, I'm keeping my eye out for something classy and a bit more conservative for my "statement" necklace choice.

Metallic Shoes-I don't think these have even gone OUT of style for the past few years.  I love them-they make a great substitute for a boring brown or black shoe, and gold looks great against summer skin, in my opinion.  I saw saw some gorgeous silver Born flipflops at Marshalls today that I hope go on sale before they run out of my size.....(nope, not giving up my flipflops either. True fashionistas can kiss my......toe.)

Ruffles-I haven't specifically heard anything about ruffles, but I'm still seeing them everywhere, so they must be a go for Spring. I don't mind a well placed ruffle, as long as it doesn't add too much width or bulk.  A ruffled sleeveless or short sleeve top is nice under a cardigan or blazer.

Belted Sweaters, Shirts and Tunics-This is probably a no for me.  I know it's supposed to be good for an hourglass figure, to highlight the waist and all that, but I've never been able to make it work.  I always just look fat with a belt perching on or around my belly pooch.  I feel like my eyes are drawn right to the belt. It's like "Hello! Look at my belt! AND my stomach!"  That's never good, unless you're Santa Claus. With that said, I've seen some people who can work this look and some who really can't but think they can.

Sparkles/Sequins-I think this is another carry over from fall.  I don't mind some sparkle or sequin detail, but people have to be careful with this look.  Full on sequins can make a girl look way too dressy (best outcome), or frumpy, like Dorothy Spornak going to a wedding (not so good), or like a tranny (probabaly not good unless you ARE a tranny).

Red Lipstick-Ok, not fashion, but close enough.  I believe that there is a red for everyone, so yeah, I can do this one.  In fact, I found a red I like, but it looks too messy on-I'm going to have to get some lipliner to go with it.

Floral Prints-I'll do just the right print, in just the right colors.  Maybe a nice, flowy blouse, or a skirt.  The right print is key-I don't want to look like I'm wearing a shower curtain, or one of my old Easter dresses from the '80's.  (I think there's probably a Golden Girls reference somewhere in here, too.....)

Scarves-I like scarves on other people, I just haven't actually gotten around to doing it myself.  This is where my practicality comes in-I can't buy a scarf to go with everything, so I'm drawn to scarves that will go with a multitude of things. I haven't found one of those yet, actually....  I do have to say that "Man Scarves" must go.  Now.  Seriously, have you seen the pictures of celeb guys wearing these things? Not knit or fleece winter scarves, but paisley, floral, fringed numbers.  *shudder*

Coral-Hmmmm...since I bought a coral knit peasant top today, I hope I can do this.  I've never thought that coral was a good color on me beofre.   However, I did think the blouse looked nice on me when I tried it on in the store, but I was just so happy that something I put on actually fit for a change, my eyes could have been deceiving me.

Wellies-I don't really ahve a problem with Wellies, I think some of them are very cute by themselves. There are so many adorable prints, and they come in great colors.  I just don't see myself clomping around in big, old rubber boots this spring.  I can't even visualize where I would wear them, or with what.  So, I probably won't be on board with this one.

So, there we go.  Some of these are actually wearable for me, and lot of things I already have will work-not that I'm a slave to trends by any means.  Basically, if I like it, and it fits, I'm wearing it.  You might see me out shopping-I'll be the mom in capri pants, flip flops and a non-belted tunic.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Fix

I had an urgent errand to run tonight.  People have been questioning me lately; wondering when I would deliver the goods I had promised weeks before.  I had been feeling the urge for the substance myself, for quite a while. I had no choice but to bring my children along with me on this nighttime mission.  Don't judge me until you've been in my shoes.  About an hour after darkness fell on our quiet, suburban neighborhood, we pulled into the parking lot in back of a local elementary school.  I scanned the cars and trucks in the parking lot, looking for my contact.  I nervously checked out every person I saw, whether walking in the dimly lit parking lot, or sitting in their cars-I tried not to make my staring obvious, but I had to find my dealer.  Not seeing her, I circled the parking lot slowly, cautiously, in my black minivan.  Finally, I saw it!  The silver sedan I was looking for was parked on the other side of the lot.  I parked, and got out-no one else was around.  My contact and I greeted each other casually, and we quickly loaded my van with the goods.  My hands started to tremble in anticipation of the pleasure that awaited me.  We said goodbye, and with relief that the hook up had been successful, I drove home.  Handing my son, and my daughter, a Girl Scout, each a box, we carried them in.  I needed to divide the stash into separate orders, but my own need was to great.  I tore open a box of Thin Mints, and bit into the chocolatey goodness.  Ah....the anticipation was finally over! Wait-what did you think I was talking about?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Today's tip-when your kids are home on a snow day, and are wreaking havoc indoors, don't assume that they will stop wreaking havoc when you send them outside to play.  Ask me how I know. Go on-ask me! On second thought, don't worry about asking me, because I'm going to tell you anyhow.
I sent the kids back outside this afternoon, because they were driving me insanehad lots of energy to burn off.  They played in the snow for about 45 minutes, and came back in.  I didn't suspect a thing until my son (guilty conscience perhaps?) mentions something about an ice rink in the garage. "A what in the WHAT?", I say.  "Oh, uh, never mind.  I don't want to tell you", my son replies nervously.  "No," I said, "tell me about this ice rink."  "What did you guys do?!"
Apparently, they thought it would be fun to sweep a bunch of snow onto the garage floor and smear it around until it melted in the hopes of having an ice skating rink. Lovely.  We are going to have below zero temperatures tonight, and below freezing weather for the next several days, so we are, in fact, the proud owners of an indoor ice skating rink.  Anyone who tries to enter or exit the garage will surely fall and crack his or her head open on the ice.  I guess I won't need to worry about the kids accidentally leaving the garage door open-it's now equipped with it's own burglar booby trap.

Anatomy of a Snow Day

If I were a good Mommy-Blogger, I'd have about 3 dozen softly lit pictures of my rosy cheeked little darlings grinning ear to ear as they happily frollick in the snow, but, instead, you'll have to read my play-by-play of our snow day.

7:00 am: My alarm goes off.  It makes it's annoying beeping noise several times before my dreaming, sleep soaked mind sorts out what that annoying sound actually is.  Remembering the storm forecasted to hit in the wee hours of the morning, I grab the remote and turn on the tv, hoping at least for a 2 hour delay so I can get a couple more hours of sleep.  My hopes rise as I see the huge number of closings at the bottom of the tv screen, and finally, after about 10 minutes, I find the district name I'm looking for.  School is closed! YES!
7:11 am: I realize that this means that on some lovely spring day that we would normally be sleeping in, I will be dragging myself and the kids out of bed to go to school.  Oh, well, this is now, that is then.  I grab my cellphone from my purse by the bed, and text my boss to let her know that I cannot come in to work since the kids will be here all day.  I watch a few more minutes of the storm coverage on the tv, and then turn it off, and burrow happily back into my quilts.  Have I ever mentioned that sleeping in is my favorite thing to do?
7:30 am: I get up, and go downstairs to put the bag of candy I left out in the very top of the pantry.  I head back to bed.
10:30 am:  I'm awakened by the doorbell ringing.  Ok, I've actually been awakened by several things by this point-since I have kids at home, I'm trained to keep an ear open in my sleep.  I've already said "No! Do not blow up anymore balloons with the air mattress pump!" and "Stop arguing so loudly and go watch tv", or something to that effect.  Anyhow, back to being awakened by the doorbell.  The kids know they are not allowed to open the door unless it's a neighbor we know well, or my parents, but anyhow, I drag my sleepy self out of bed as I hear my son telling a neighbor kid "We can't play yet, our Mom is still in bed."  Great-now the whole neighborhood knows what a lazy person I am.
10:30 am continued:  I come downstairs, and put away the candy bag that has "miraculously" reappeared from the pantry.  From the bowl of soggy cereal and granola bar wrappers on the kitchen table, I see that the kids have gotten their own breakfast, with candy for dessert, of course.
11:00am: By this time, I've supervised the outfitting of my giddy children in their snowpants, boots, coats, gloves and hats, and I've sent them outside where three or four of the neighbor kids are waiting on them.
11:15:am: I head outside, and start shoveling snow off the walkway and driveway.  Usually this is a job I leave to my husband, but a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.  It goes pretty well, but I'm sweating and out of breath in no time.  Maybe I've worked off some of the Bottlecaps and Nerds that I shoved down my gullet last night..
11:30 am: As I'm shoveling, I think about how this reminds me of a summer day-kids laughing and yelling, our goofy dog-like cat following the children around, dogs barking, the sound of snow shovels scrapping pavement....oh wait.....scratch that last one..... Life is good!
12:30 pm: I call the reluctant, wet children inside.  We peel off all of the snow covered layers, and I throw all of the wet, snowy outer clothing into the dryer.  The cat, happy that the kids are back inside, stretches himself out in front of the space heater, warming up his snow soaked belly fur.  We eat a nice warm lunch, and I happily settle on the couch to hear the newscasters on tv freaking out about the snowy roads, warning about round two to come later tonight. Ahhhh.  Maybe we can get another day off out of this...
1:00 pm:  I realize that shoveling the now made me ravenously hungry, and eat a couple of cheese enchiladas.  My second lunch of the day.  So much for the calorie burn....
1:30 pm:  I'm starting to get a little stir crazy.  Sure, I could go clean out my closet, or clean the master bathroom, but I'm not that bored yet.  The kids, getting tired of being together all day, are complaining about having nothing to do.
2:00 pm: The monkeys are now playing Mario Kart on Wii and are arguing and nitpicking at each other about everything.  Again.   I look at the clock and think about how they normally would be at school right now, and how the house would be nice and quiet. (Of course, I would be at work right  now normally, but I forget about that small detail.) I threaten to drive them to school where they can sit and wait outside the entrance for school to open in the morning.  They ignore me, of course.
2:30 pm: Bored and lonely for some adult companionship, I get on Facebook.  Facebook has changed it's format. Again.  My live feed is no longer live.  The Recent News isn't giving me all of my feeds-unless it's really true that not a soul has posted anything in 2 hours.  Grrrrr.  I wish they'd leave it alone.  During this time I've also told my daughter to get out of the candy (I thought I put that away again?), and told my son repeatedly to get the Fritos and apple juice out of the living room.
3:00 pm: The children are debating the merits of Wii games-specifically anything my son wants to play vs the High School musical game my daughter wants to play.  I make my son put the Fritos away away for the final time.  Whining ensues.  My son loads his Nerf gun as he makes fun of the lyrics on the HSM game, my daughter, absorbed in the game, doesn't tke the bait for once.  I sit here at the computer, looking out the window, at the still, gray sky.  More snow, and blowing and drifting overnight is forecast.  I'm not sure I can do another day of this tomorrow....although a two hour delay wouldn't be so bad...  I guess I'll go clean the bathroom now.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Five

Ok, I think I'm going to call this Friday Five, rather than Friday Favorites, because I have at least 5 things to say, but they aren't exactly favorites this time....soooooo....yeah.  As if you care. Anyhow-same format as last week, just some are favorites, and some are just random related bits.  (Why do I spend so much time explaining what I'm going to talk about before I talk about it? Because I'm a teacher and I'm good at rambling, that's why.)

TV-I was so excited to watch the new episode of 19 Kids and Counting this week! I don't know why I'm so addicted to this show, but I am.  Anyhow, I have to admit that I started bawling during the scene where all of the kids get to meet the new baby in her incubator.  The room was filled with Duggars, but everything was silent, except for all of the older girls sobbing at the sight of their tiny baby sister.  Very touching.

Music-I discovered that my husband likes Weather Channel music.  That was a frightening discovery, let me tell you!  He is seven years older than me, and usually our age difference isn't a big deal, but sometimes our taste in music can be a bit different.  This was one of those times.  We were listening to music from his iPod that he had docked to the stereo.  A jazzy instrumental came on that sounded like the music to the "Local on the 8's" on TWC-I made a crack about it, and he matter of factly commented that TWC does in fact, play this band's music quite often.  Well, of course I couldn't hold myself back from teasing him for the rest of the night.  For example, I'd turn the television to the weather channel, and say "Look honey! It's your favorite music video station! But what's with the geography lesson?"  I also might have brought up how soon I'll be driving him to Denny's for the Early Bird Special.  When he got tired of my jokes, I told him he could just turn his hearing aid down, and then he wouldn't have to listen. He loves me.

Book-Our Connection Group at church is doing a James MacDonald bible study, Gripped By the Greatness of God.  It's a video study with  a workbook.  I'm really enjoying it so far.  The daily workbook devotions are short, but thought provoking.

Movie-Well, I haven't seen it yet, but a friend and I are going to see New Moon tomorrow, if the weather is cooperative.  (I'll have to ask my husband what the forecasts on the Weather Video Channel are saying).  I'm not into vampires-I only read the books after everyone went on and on about how great they were.  Totally not typically my thing, but I read them and liked them well enough, (although I think Edward was a stalker, and Bella was a selfish and manipulative narcisisst, but that's a rant for another day).  Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to going with Jennifer, as she's one of the few people, besides my mother, who doesn't mind that I can't watch a movie like that without making sarcastic comments.  We're hoping that the theater isn't crowded so we can give it the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment.

Blog-I love this guy's blog, he cracks me up with his stories:  He's hilarious, and I especially love the stories that he tells about his childhood.  Check it out!

(Aack! Where did my spell check button disappear to?)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Attempt at Food Blogging

I read a lot of blogs, and spend quite a bit of time on chatboards and social networking sites. Lately (and by lately I mean the last 2-3 years), there seems to be a cyber trend of folks taking pictures of their food in various stages of the cooking process and then posting them online.  There are even blogs dedicated to this purpose.  I don't really understand this trend myself; I mean, if I want to look at someone else's food that I'm not going to be able to share, I'd rather watch the Food Network.  But, I'm certainly not one to let the trends pass by me, so here's my attempt at food blogging.  (Ahhhhh, I feel so artsy and sophisticated now!)

The Menu: Tender Honey Battered White Meat Chicken Breast Ladyfingers, Seasoned and Accordianed Roasted Sweet Potato Bites, and Garlic Worcestershire Green Beans.
(Is your mouth watering as you read this?)

First I gathered the fresh ingredients.  Fresh out of the freezer and the pantry, that it.
Ahhhhh, nature's bounty! Of course, I purchased these from a lovely little market here in town that I frequent.  You've probably never heard of it, but if you're ever in the area, you ought to check it out.  I can't remember  the name of it....starts with a "K", I believe.....

Here is the chicken, all prepared for roasting, and next. the potatoes are readied for the oven.

Aren't they gorgeous?! I recommend that you use a very sharp knife to sculpt these beauties in the lovely accordion shape... I'm sure you can find a $389 one on the Crate & Barrel website that will do in a pinch of you don't already own 23 others like I do, just for this purpose.

Lastly, here is the final presentation:
Isn't it breathtaking plated up as such? My children clapped with glee at the beauty of it.  For some reason, they were giving me strange looks as I took pictures for this blog, but they'll understand when I become I famous food blogger ala The Pioneer Woman. Right? Right? Ahem....of course they will.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

Tuesday's Tip may become a regular feature on my blog-at least until I get bored with it which may be by next week. These tips may be parenting tips, cooking tips, work related tips, or whatever my foggy little brain can dream up. Most of them will be pulled from my personal life failures experiences, and will likely be a "do as I say, not as I do type thing". Being a parent, I'm great at doling out that type of advice.

Tuesday's Tip #1

Before taking your young child to the Pediatrician for her annual visit, be sure that you have visited the grocery store within recent days. Because, even though you've never allowed your child to have dry Coco Puffs and strawberry soda for breakfast before, the one and only day that you do, will be the day the doctor asks her what she had for breakfast. Instead of replying that she had hormone free organic 2% milk and Cheerios with a little fruit , as usual, she will proudly tell the doctor what she really had.

*face palm* Yes, that really happened. It was just that one day, I promise!
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