Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen (aka: Just More Random Babbling)

1.  Everything is better with cheese.

2.  Had a consultation with the Dentist today about pre-orthodontic treatment for my daughter.  Hello, Aldi's-we'll be seeing a lot of each other for the next few years. Since my son is only 2.5 years younger, that means that they will both likely be in orthodontic treatment at the same time at some point.  Poor family planning on our part.

3.  Frustrated with Cub Scouts.  My son's den leader does the best she can, especially considering she didn't want to be the leader anyhow, so I feel bad for complaining.  But. BUT!  The meetings are so chaotic, the boys (especially hers), are so out of control, and the boys don't seem to be getting anything out of it.  Last night's meeting consisted of the boys chasing each other around her house with play swords, while us parents talked about how the boys can earn beltloops and random stuff.  Yeah. Ugh.  I'd volunteer to lead a meeting, but she wants to do them herself.

4.  My kids came downstairs earlier saying they needed an ice cube for an experiment.  Then they decided a mushroom would do.  NO.  Next, I heard them talking about how they needed some water to pour on their gum.  THROW it away.  They are so strange....

5.  I adore Chipotle's chips.  I think it's the lime salt.  Hmmm.....maybe if I put lime salt on salad, and grilled chicken, and egg whites and all the other "healthy" stuff I ought to be eating, I'd want to eat it! (Do you think skim milk would be more tempting with a hint of lime?)

6.  My daughter is in a 3rd grade/4th grade split class.  They are following the fourth grade curriculm for music, which means that we get to listen to recorder practice for two years in a row! Yea. This is basically what I'm hearing this week: "Hot cross squ-EAK!, hot cross SQUEAK!, 1 a SQEEEEAAAAA, 2 a penny, hot cross SQU-ea-EAKKKKKKK!!" This too, shall pass.

7.  It's going to take me a while to get to 13.

8.  What happened to all of the Thin Mints we brought home last week? *looking around innocently*

9.  I ought to write a post about some of the funny calls we get at work.  A lady a couple of weeks ago was angry because I wouldn't give her the number to the CVS on 38th street.  We are a tutoring company, not a drugstore!  She asked me how she was supposed to find the number, and didn't like it when I politely suggested she dial 411.

10.  I was looking over a teacher's resume at work, and she had spelled "Purdue" wrong repeatedly.  Seriously, you are a teacher, and can't spell the college you supposedly graduated from correctly on a resume? I make typos, and don't always spell correctly, but c'mon.  A resume?! Your college?! That one went in the "NO" pile.

11.  I really don't care about the Olympics.  I've watched a few minutes of the coverage here and there, but I just can't make myself care. I'm sorry, world.

12.  I recently discovered this blog: I love blogs that make me laugh.

13. Cheese.  I need more cheese!

The idea for "Thursday Thirteen" came from this blog:  Thanks!

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