Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Attempt at Food Blogging

I read a lot of blogs, and spend quite a bit of time on chatboards and social networking sites. Lately (and by lately I mean the last 2-3 years), there seems to be a cyber trend of folks taking pictures of their food in various stages of the cooking process and then posting them online.  There are even blogs dedicated to this purpose.  I don't really understand this trend myself; I mean, if I want to look at someone else's food that I'm not going to be able to share, I'd rather watch the Food Network.  But, I'm certainly not one to let the trends pass by me, so here's my attempt at food blogging.  (Ahhhhh, I feel so artsy and sophisticated now!)

The Menu: Tender Honey Battered White Meat Chicken Breast Ladyfingers, Seasoned and Accordianed Roasted Sweet Potato Bites, and Garlic Worcestershire Green Beans.
(Is your mouth watering as you read this?)

First I gathered the fresh ingredients.  Fresh out of the freezer and the pantry, that it.
Ahhhhh, nature's bounty! Of course, I purchased these from a lovely little market here in town that I frequent.  You've probably never heard of it, but if you're ever in the area, you ought to check it out.  I can't remember  the name of it....starts with a "K", I believe.....

Here is the chicken, all prepared for roasting, and next. the potatoes are readied for the oven.

Aren't they gorgeous?! I recommend that you use a very sharp knife to sculpt these beauties in the lovely accordion shape... I'm sure you can find a $389 one on the Crate & Barrel website that will do in a pinch of you don't already own 23 others like I do, just for this purpose.

Lastly, here is the final presentation:
Isn't it breathtaking plated up as such? My children clapped with glee at the beauty of it.  For some reason, they were giving me strange looks as I took pictures for this blog, but they'll understand when I become I famous food blogger ala The Pioneer Woman. Right? Right? Ahem....of course they will.


  1. This post is hilarious! Found your blog via blog frog and now I have to follow you because your blog made me smile :)

  2. umm...i was intrigued by the title..{knowing it would be tongue-in-cheek} and I can't stop laughing...You should repost this one cause it's dang funny! :)

  3. Hey, thanks! I actually cracked myself up with this one. My kids still say to each other, "Hey, remember when Mom decorated our plates like tic tac toe? That was awesome!"

  4. I love your blog. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and I look forward to following. Thanks for your kind post on my blog. I'd love it if you'd do a guest post, e-me if you are interested.


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