Friday, February 19, 2010

My Take on the Spring Trends OR Will I, or Won't I

Clothes shopping-I love it, and I hate it.  I love buying and wearing cute new things.  However, I often find it frustrating, as well.  First of all, I don't have the money that the wardrobe I'd like to have requires, but who does? I am a serious bargain hunter (read: cheap) out of necessity.  I make practical choices because I want the things I buy to be useful and versatile. Because of this, my style is often kind of boring, but I get the job done.  I also am frustrated by my body.  Name me one woman who isn't, and I will tell you she's a liar.  My metabolism came to a screeching halt the very second that I turned thirty.  Brands and style that used to flatter me, now do not.  Also, I think that dressing room mirrors must add 30 pounds to my reflection, because I always look thinner in my bathroom mirror at home. Couple the effects of the sluggish metabolism with a pair of short, stumpy legs, and there you have the reason why I often leave the dressing room, handing piles of clothes to the sales girl, and leave the store feeling defeated.  Anyhow, since I have to make careful choices, due to finances and how the clothes look on my body, I often get overwhelmed when shopping.  I don't even know what to look for sometimes.  Therefore, I'm going to go through the spring fashion trends that I've read about in style magazines and blogs, and decide what things I will and will not be adding to my shopping wish list this season.


Mid-Height Heels-Yeah, baby! Being a short girl, you'd think I'd be all over the stilettos, but no, I enjoy not tipping over, not being in pain, and not feeling like I'm teetering around on mini stilts.

Stripes-Apparently stripes are supposed to be in for spring.  I'm just kind of "eh" on this one.  It depends more on the garment, and the style.  I will be staying away from those tiny, skinny stripes that make me dizzy, however.

Black and White-I can do this! I think.... I already wear a lot of black, so this is good.  The white, I'm not so sure about.  I lke the idea of wearing white, but it's so sheer-no matter what color undergarments I wear, they are always visible, and I don't like that.  Maybe white accessories, or a black and white print (with a pop of yellow) would work. depends.  Most of the yellow I've seen in magazines is a bright, canary yellow, that doesn't look good on me, or most people, for that matter.  Now, I could do a nice, pale, buttery yellow....but then we have that spesky sheerness issue, again.  I get tired of wearing tanks or camis under everything, especially when it's warm out.

Leggings-Actually, I don't know if these are still in for Spring, or not, but I do know that I'll be glad when they go out of style.  They would have looked great on me 10 or 15 years ago, but now, not so much.  Oh, I'm tempted to try it, because I see them on people with tunics or short dresses, and they look great, but I don't think I have the figure to pull it off.  I think I'll just do my self confidence, and the world, a favor, and avoid this look.

Neutrals/Beige-I'm not talking about wearing neutral pants or a jacket, but shirts, scarves, dresses, etc. all in beige or khaki.  This is what I've seen on various style blogs.  Seriously, does anyone really look good with khaki or beige up near their face?  I'll stick with pairing my khaki pants or capris (hey, I'm a suburban soccer Mom, you aren't taking away my capris, they're part of the uniform!) with a colorful top.

Fushia/Bright Pink/Hot Pink-YES! I am so on board with this one! I already have lots of bright pink, and I look and feel good in it.  Woohoo for fushia!

Feathers-Are they serious with this one? I'm not the poor little girl who's mother dressed her up as a Vegas Showgirl on Toddlers and Tiaras this week, so no, I will not be wearing much in the way of feathers.  I do have a nice little feather pin thing that I could wear....

Big Flower Pins-These have gone in and out of style for the past 3-4 years, and frankly, I think they are kind of stupid and childish looking.  They are shown especially huge and goofy looking this year. I'm not Neicy Nash, and I'm not Bozo (with a squirting flower, get it?), so I'll be passing up this one, as well.  I think.  Maybe.

Short Shorts with Tights or Leggings-No. Please. Stupid.  Dumb.  Senseless.  (see, I can't even form a sentence to express my dislike of this look)

Dress Shorts-See above.

Trench Coats-I've been wanting a trench coat FOREVER.  Seriously, I remember looking at them in the Newport News and Chadwicks catalogs when I was like, 11.  I've never had a real trench coat (just a couple trench-like coats, lol).  I need to get one of these.  A color would be fun, but my practical nature won't allow me to purchase one of these unless it can match practically everything.

Statement Necklaces-This might actually be a fall trend, but anyhow, it seems to be carrying over to spring.  I'm not sure about these.  I find many of them to be just outright tacky, and a lot of them look like decorative wall hangings or door knockers, or something.  Anyhow, I'm keeping my eye out for something classy and a bit more conservative for my "statement" necklace choice.

Metallic Shoes-I don't think these have even gone OUT of style for the past few years.  I love them-they make a great substitute for a boring brown or black shoe, and gold looks great against summer skin, in my opinion.  I saw saw some gorgeous silver Born flipflops at Marshalls today that I hope go on sale before they run out of my size.....(nope, not giving up my flipflops either. True fashionistas can kiss my......toe.)

Ruffles-I haven't specifically heard anything about ruffles, but I'm still seeing them everywhere, so they must be a go for Spring. I don't mind a well placed ruffle, as long as it doesn't add too much width or bulk.  A ruffled sleeveless or short sleeve top is nice under a cardigan or blazer.

Belted Sweaters, Shirts and Tunics-This is probably a no for me.  I know it's supposed to be good for an hourglass figure, to highlight the waist and all that, but I've never been able to make it work.  I always just look fat with a belt perching on or around my belly pooch.  I feel like my eyes are drawn right to the belt. It's like "Hello! Look at my belt! AND my stomach!"  That's never good, unless you're Santa Claus. With that said, I've seen some people who can work this look and some who really can't but think they can.

Sparkles/Sequins-I think this is another carry over from fall.  I don't mind some sparkle or sequin detail, but people have to be careful with this look.  Full on sequins can make a girl look way too dressy (best outcome), or frumpy, like Dorothy Spornak going to a wedding (not so good), or like a tranny (probabaly not good unless you ARE a tranny).

Red Lipstick-Ok, not fashion, but close enough.  I believe that there is a red for everyone, so yeah, I can do this one.  In fact, I found a red I like, but it looks too messy on-I'm going to have to get some lipliner to go with it.

Floral Prints-I'll do just the right print, in just the right colors.  Maybe a nice, flowy blouse, or a skirt.  The right print is key-I don't want to look like I'm wearing a shower curtain, or one of my old Easter dresses from the '80's.  (I think there's probably a Golden Girls reference somewhere in here, too.....)

Scarves-I like scarves on other people, I just haven't actually gotten around to doing it myself.  This is where my practicality comes in-I can't buy a scarf to go with everything, so I'm drawn to scarves that will go with a multitude of things. I haven't found one of those yet, actually....  I do have to say that "Man Scarves" must go.  Now.  Seriously, have you seen the pictures of celeb guys wearing these things? Not knit or fleece winter scarves, but paisley, floral, fringed numbers.  *shudder*

Coral-Hmmmm...since I bought a coral knit peasant top today, I hope I can do this.  I've never thought that coral was a good color on me beofre.   However, I did think the blouse looked nice on me when I tried it on in the store, but I was just so happy that something I put on actually fit for a change, my eyes could have been deceiving me.

Wellies-I don't really ahve a problem with Wellies, I think some of them are very cute by themselves. There are so many adorable prints, and they come in great colors.  I just don't see myself clomping around in big, old rubber boots this spring.  I can't even visualize where I would wear them, or with what.  So, I probably won't be on board with this one.

So, there we go.  Some of these are actually wearable for me, and lot of things I already have will work-not that I'm a slave to trends by any means.  Basically, if I like it, and it fits, I'm wearing it.  You might see me out shopping-I'll be the mom in capri pants, flip flops and a non-belted tunic.

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