Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday 13

1.  It's been a stressful few days here.  My Mom had surgery yesterday, and she's doing well now.  She has a lot of health issues, and almost died the last time she had surgery, so we were all very worried this time around.  I'm so relieved and emotionally spent.

2.  I went to pick up lunch for work today at Five Guys.  The dude in front of me was wearing a skirt and carrying a "man bag." Yup.  Actually, it was a black kilt, but he sure didn't sound Scottish.  Now, if men wearing skirts is normal in your area, or if you or a male loved one is a kilt/skirt wearer, then forgive my snark, but male skirt wearing is not typical here in the midwest.  (Unless said skirt wearer is playing bag pipes, then we think it's sort of awesome.)  My Facebook friends think I should have taken a picture, but really? Hairy, middle aged man in a skirt? You don't want to see that.  Trust me, I know what's best for you.

3. Skirt guy had 2 teenage girls with him.  Now, when I was a kid, I thought my parents did embarrassing things.  Can you imagine?! Daa-aaaaaddd! Please don't wear your skirt to Five Guys! I will so die.

4.  The worst part of the Skirt Guy Sighting? I didn't have a friend there to exchange amused looks with.  Some things are just more fun with a friend along.

5.  We  are planning a vacation here soon.  It will require a 13 hour drive, and I'm so not a road trip kind of person.  I'm not even looking forward to going, because of the mind numbing boredom of the drive.

6.  It will be fun once we are there, but I will be dreading the trip back the whole time.  I wish we had a transporter beam.

7.  I introduced my kids to their first Weird Al tune this week.  "Eat It."  They loved it, and my husband thought it was scary awesome that I knew all the words.  Have a banana, have the whole bunch, it doesn't matter what you had for lunch, just eat it, eat it, eat it....

8.  I don't think I'll make it to 13.

9.  If I do, I don't think you'll still be awake.

10.  I was working with a kid at work who was filling out a questionnaire. He asked me how to spell "chihuahua", then needed to know how to spell the dog's name, Poppy.  I didn't know if he meant "Poppy" or "Pappy" or some other variation of Grandpa, so I asked him, "Poppy like the flower?" He looked at me like I was totally nuts, and said "No! Poppy like the dog!"  Oh, of course, THAT Poppy!

11.  Most cats like to sit inside and look out the window.  My cat likes to sit outside and look inside the window.  Does that make him a Peeping Tom?

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13.  This video is fairly awesome-I laughed out loud.  Not the fake, LOL-I'm-laughing-on-the-inside, but for real.  I hope this works....


  1. LMAO ~ The BP coffee spill, where did you find that! Thanks for sharing!! Not one for a long drive either!! Take Care! Great Post

  2. I love the video, too friggin' funny.

    Good luck on the drive.

  3. I know this isn't part of the Thursday 13 BUT I love your new profile pic! Hope your mom is okay and that you get a chance to recharge as well :) 13 hours is a long time and I don't know if i'd make it and Weird Al...I got nothin'!! LOL!
    I posted the link to the tutorial on how to do your own blog header over at my blog...not hard!
    Happy Thursday :o)

  4. I am Laughing-Out-Loud!! That clip is too funny.

    Glad your mom's surgery went well.

    I love car trips. Try Mad Libs---that will help pass the time.

  5. Someone had posted the video on my Facebook, I thought it was hilarious.
    Tanya-thanks! I was actually having a good hair day for once, so I figured I'd finally take a new picture. Thanks for posting the header directions-I'll have to play around with it.
    Mary-I used to love Mad Libs. As a teenager, my friend and I thought we were pretty funny when we filled in all the blanks with dirty/off color words, LOL.


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