Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom's Tip Jar

Cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and laundry are often thankless jobs, but yesterday was my lucky day! It was catch up day for me-we'd spent Saturday, my usual cleaning/chore day, at the State Fair, so I had work to do. The cleaning and grocery shopping got done, with no excitement other than the fact that I got to go Krogering ALONE, which is always a bit thrilling. (It's the little things in life, you know....) Doing the laundry, however, proved to be quite a rewarding experience! It started when I found a damp dollar in the washer, which I added to my "Tip Jar" that I keep on the shelf next to the Tide. Next, I found a crisp dollar in the dryer. Then, I found a five spot while folding clothes. The most exciting part was when I found a twenty! Wow-that dryer...what a tipper! Normally, I'll find maybe a dollar bill or two, or some shiny quarters at the bottom of the washer, but all told, I found $32 yesterday! In separate loads, no less. My Maytags must really love me. Ok, I know it's money we already had, or at least money that hubby had in his pockets, but for some reason it's exciting to find it where I'm not expecting it. Plus, there's the whole "finder's keepers, losers, weepers" thing, too, as I love to brag to hubby and make a big production of how the dryer gave ME money. (Yes, he does think I'm crazy.)Maybe I ought to have the kids hide some cash in the sink, then I might be more motivated to wash those dishes....

(Darn, I didn't find a good place to use that "money laundering" joke...)

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