Friday, September 4, 2009

So Many Topics-Not Enough Material

So, I haven't blogged for quite a while. I've been waiting until I feel like I have something either: a. funny, b. poignant, c. interesting, or d. all of the above, to write about. Oh, sure, I've had some passing ideas-even written partial blog posts in my head, but I never feel like I have enough material, or meat to put with them, or the attention span to put my thoughts down in a semi-coherent fashion. Generally, I settle for just posting my fleeting thoughts and observations as Facebook status updates, with the intention of making them into blog posts later. The lazy girl's blogging.

The truth is, having a blog is harder than I thought, although I'm probably putting way too much thought into something that no one but me (most likely) reads anyhow. I feel like I'm not sure what direction I want to take it in. Do I want it to be a like a journal, a place to record what's going on in my day to day life, and risk putting any potential readers to sleep? Do I want to stick to witty or fluffy observational posts? Since I'm not that witty, or observational, I probably wouldn't be posting very often, then, although I do sorta have that "fluffy" thing going for me! Or, do I want to blog about funny things or memories from my past? Hmmmm. Maybe I'll do a bit of everything, and see what happens. Instead of writing, I've been reading and "collecting" lots of great blogs lately. Research. Yeah, that's it.

Anyhow, I'm going to post a list of potential blog post ideas/topics-mostly just so I'll remember, and maybe be motivated to write about one of them at one point, instead of just pointlessly rambling as I'm doing now. If for some reason, you're actually reading this, and would like to hear more about any of these, let me know.

-Third Grade Drama Diva-my daughter (innocent lamb) decides to audition in front of her class of 3rd and 4th graders (potential wolves in sheep's clothing) by singing a song that...umm....well, I'll save that for when I get around to telling the story. Just know that much parental worry was involved, and also that no one in our family is particularly.....musical.

-Jon Gosselin: Douchebag Extroidanaire-why am I secretly thrilled to have found his Twitterings, and why do I feel the need to scour the entertainment sites daily for more tales of his douchebaggery? Who knows.

-Dumb Things Moms (Read: Bethany) Say-yeah, that's sort of it. Dumb stuff I've said lately. Brilliant, huh? *shakes head and considers deleting her Blogger account*

-Tales From Hell-aka I Survived Teaching Kindergarten in the Nastiest, Craziest, School on Earth-mystifying, disgusting, and sometimes funny stories from my 2.5 years in YouveGotToBeKiddingMeIJustWantToGoBackHomeWherePeopleAreSemiNormal, Mississippi.

-I DON'T Want a Dog!-this is a discussion that gets brought up every few months, ad nauseum in or family. It's always me against the husband and kids. It's a good cop/bad cop story, and I'm the Bad Cop. Or quite possibly, the lone Good Cop.....hmmmmm.

-The Real Cash for Clunkers Program-how my Dad is convinced that the government wants to kill him and other seniors for being monetary drains on society, by cutting/eliminating treatments and choices for older people under the Health Care Reform.

-Tales of a PERFECT Mom-ok, this one is complicated, and actually kind of a crazy idea, but bare with me. It's about "Heather", a completely fictional, suburban Mom, who does everything perfectly, all the time, and has it all together. Still with me? Heather likes to brag about herself and her children, and likes to photograph her food and make it sound fancier than it actually is. ( Roasted, Breaded, White Meat Chicken Nugglettes with Organic Tomato Basil Marinade, anyone?) These posts would be total satire-essentially snarking on a few Mom types I've noticed around town. Not mean, just funny-if everyone "gets" it in the spirit intended.

-Stuff I Like-yeah, um, stuff that I, *bangs head against laptop* I'm not very good at this....

Ok, so there we go. Hey, I actually wrote a blog post! And..... it's about perhaps, one day, maybe, actually WRITING a blog post! Huh.

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