Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

Tomorrow is Pi Day, you know, Pi, 3.1475blahblahblahwhocares-THAT Pi. Apparently, people (really nerdy ones, I would guess) celebrate Pi Day.  If you didn't know this, then congratulations, you probably aren't a geek! The only reason I know, is because I am a member of the fan page for the tutoring company that I work for on Facebook (which makes me a geek anyhow, as my coworkers like to point out), and they posted some ideas for celebrating Pi Day with your children.  Fun.  I'd comment on those ideas, but I didn't exactly read them, because I was too busy rolling my eyes and snickering sarcastically.  I do that a lot.  Plus, it's more fun to imagine my own ideas for a Pi Day celebration.  Just think, you could invite all of your "mathy" friends-you know, the acountants, actuaries, and engineers.  That's a recipe for fun party right there! You could pass out pocket protectors and fistfulls of freshly sharpened number 2 pencils at the door, with a sweet new graphing calculator as the door prize.  Of course, games would involve contests to see who can solve equations with Pi the quickest, pie eating contests, and circle dances.  At 3:14 (am or pm, your choice) everyone could solemnly recite the digits of Pi, while marching in a circle.  Yawn.  Ok, I'm getting bored just imagining it, so I don't think we'll be celebrating this year.  However, if there's a Cake Day (with no math involved), then I'm all over it!

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