Friday, March 12, 2010

Is it just me, or do you....

  • have an "overflow" trashbag beside the trashcan sometimes? There are times, when I'm too lazy busy to take out the trash, so I just put out an extra trashbag for the overflow.  Do other people do this? I hope so.... I'm a working Mom with busy kids to shuttle around-things slide, sometimes. I actually had to explain to one of my kids today that putting trash ON the trashbag isn't the same as putting trash IN the bag. 
  • sort of forget how old you are, and then get shocked when you are reminded of your age in some way?
  • get embarrassed when you pick up your kids at the bus stop or school, because you are afraid other people will notice how messy the inside of your vehicle is? I have Messy Minivan Amnesia.  I rarely remember that it needs to be cleaned unless I'm in it.  I have great intentions of throwing away the Starbucks cups, Coke can, fast food bags, Sunday School papers, straw papers, etc., while I am actually IN the car, but once I slam the door, my mind has moved on to other things.  If it weren't dark and raining, I'd send my kids out there now with a trashbag-it's mostly their stuff, anyhow.  (Ok, so the coffee cups are mine...)
  • think of something witty to post as your Facebook status only after you've posted some boring, mundane, thing?
  • wish you'd tried harder to talk your husband into having another child before you both got older? My husband and I are done having kids.  *I* don't want to be done, but he was ready to be done right after our second was born.  To be fair, he is more than seven years older than me-some of the people he went to school with are grandparents now, so he's ready to move on to the next stage.  I, however, just don't have that feeling of completion-I think I'll always regret not having a third.  I even miss Barney, for Pete's sake! When I was in the waiting room at the OBGYN the other day, I got a little...I can't think of the right word....emotional? sad? wistful? freaked out? when I couldn't find any other magazines to look at besides pregnancy and baby mags, and Senior Living magazine.  I couldn't find anything for the "in between years". I guess I'll have to put my uterii (yes, plural uterus-story for another day) in retirement.
  • have virtually no socks that don't have holes in them? I don't know how this happened-some of them are almost new!  Does one hole-y sock spoil the whole drawerful? Maybe one sock had sock leperosy, and the others caught it.  Yes, this is what I sit around thinking about on a Friday night.
  • discuss your Farmville farms with your coworkers?
  • not understand why everyone thinks Johnny Depp is so hot? I find him cringe-inducingly icky, kind of like the white Prince.  (It's probably just me!)
  • feel mildly guilty and unhip because you have no interest at all in food or photo blogs? Snore. I really don't need to see 10 softly lit, artsy pictures of someone else's cupcakes.  Sorry.
  • write entire blog posts in your head, yet can't think of a thing to write when you sit at the computer?
What are your "is it just me, or's"?


  1. I can't believe how many of these I identify with!! Holey socks?? Yes! Overflow bag right beside the FULL garbage bag?? YES! Not knowing if I'm done having kids...YES! That part about there being no magazines for the in-between preggo and senior citizen was hilarious!!! Thanks for checking out my blog and I'll be back here for sure! You actually made me feel a bit better about my garbage that is overflowing right now and the take-out fast food bag I've set up on the counter to use as an "overflow" bag...did I just type that...woops!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm SO glad it's not just me with the overflow bag and the holey socks! I enjoy your blog, too-seems like we have some things in common.

  3. Hey the mags at the foot doc were all of things I will never be able to afford to buy ONE of! Way to go, placing your magazines for the location (he's in a very chic-chi location).

    Yes, sometimes I have an overflow trash bag - usually on weekends. Or when I have an excess of "I just changed the bag..." itis.


    I thought Johnny Depp was cute when I was 16. And he's just sorta in need of a good bath and dentist now. And maybe some nic-patches? But he's not my type. That would be to get back to "kinda cute, maybe my sister will date him". Not that I have a sister, but you know.

    My socks are thus far unholey, and likely unholy as well.


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