Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I Wonder About

Ok, this one really bothers me, even though it shouldn't.  Why is Buffalo Wild Wings referred to as BW3's? I've devoted far more mental power to this question than I am comfortable admitting.  Where does the 3 come from? There are only 2 W's in the name, and there are obviously way more than 3 locations of this restaurant.  They have more than 3 sauces to choose from, and more than 3 types of things to order, so WHAT IS THE DEAL? If you can shed any light on this subject for me, I'd appreciate it.  Also, if you'd like to send some of BW3's boneless wildwings with Asian Zing sauce directly to my house, that'd be great, too.

Also, have you seen the Cialas commercial with the people sitting in the bathtubs? Separate, old fashioned bathtubs? On the beach, and then under some water fall type thing? What?! If a person, or a person's spouse had trouble with...well....that....and a drug fixed the problem, then why would they be sitting in separate bathtubs in public places?  And why are the bathtubs there in the first place? Who would drag old fashioned claw foot tubs onto the beach, anyhow? Wouldn't that be against zoning laws in most places?  I know, I know.  I'm taking this far too seriously.  It's just a commercial.  But the stupidity of it annoys me.  Can you imagine being in the room when the advertising agents pitched the idea to the Cialas people?
"So, we've got this couple, right?  They've had some issues, but now that they've taken the drug, everything is great! So, they are sitting in these bathtubs...." 
"No sir, there's no water in the tubs, and don't worry, they are fully clothed and in separate tubs, so the censors won't get upset." 
"Yes ma'am! We thought it was a brilliant idea, too!"

We've had an ice storm, and school has been closed for 2 days, so as you can tell, I've had plenty of time to think about these things....


  1. LMAO I didn't "get" the tub thing either...maybe he had to consult his physician cuz he had one of those lasts-longer-than-four-hours thingies and quite simply, she ordered her own tub cuz she didn't want to get poked in the back. TMI? hehe

  2. @Kate-I like your logic!
    @Brooke-your welcome!
    But really, can someone explain the BW3's thing? I have to know, or else I'll have to emabarrass my husband and kids by asking the waitress next time!

  3. I don't know or I'd tell you! But I get caught up wondering about stuff like that, too.

  4. Shannon from Living My Life on Purpose emailed me to let me know that BW3's was originally called Buffalo WET and Wild Wings, thus the 3 W's. Thank you Shannon! I love the internet-I've tried asking people about this "in real life" but they just look at me like I'm crazy. Now, I can rest easy! But I'm also seriously considering if picking up an order of wings is worth putting on makeup, loading up the kids (one of whom is sick), and making our way there on the icy roads....

  5. nope, it used to be buffalo wild wings and weck. I actually remember this because they didn't change the name until the late 90s. weck is a type of kaiser roll.


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