Sunday, August 15, 2010

7 and 10

When you are a 10 year old girl, you can be running around outside in a fuzzy cheetah vest and a lion mask meant for 3 year olds one moment, and lamenting that you are too mature to wear the pretty ruffled dress to church the next.

When you are a 7 year old boy, you can actually "forget" to use toothpaste when you brush your teeth, even though you were just reminded to do so

When you are 10 or 7, you can get up from the supper table and dance around or wrestle with your sibling.  Then, when being told you are behaving like a 2 year old, you can just giggle happily (after sitting down in order to avoid the Wrath of Mom, of course).

When you are 7 or 10, you believe that any parental question should be answered with a "meow", until a human answer is demanded.

When you are 7, you think that having a stomach ache entitles you to be able to lay on the back of the couch-cat style.

When you are a 10 year old girl, you can say that Tyler Lautner is your celebrity boyfriend in front of your parents without being too embarrassed.

When you are 7, it will ruin your entire evening if you can't find your Nintendo DS to take along on a trip to the store.

When you are 7 (or even 10) you tune your parents out when they tell you for the umpteenth time that when they were kids there weren't any Nintendo DS's, and they survived car trips just fine, by looking out the window.  Then you think about how boring life must have been way back then.

When you are 10, you can sing off tune at the top of your lungs in front of a crowd, and believe that you sound amazing.

When you are 10 or 7, you are able to become invisible when sneaking huge spoonfuls of Nutella or peanut butter unknown times each day.  The only evidence you were ever there is the gooey spoon stuck to the sink, and the empty jar (recently purchased), Mom finds in the pantry the next time she tries to make you a sandwich.

When you are 7, you can happily entertain yourself for hours with your Legos, action figures, or just about anything, if only your sister would quit trying to make you play school or act in her imaginary plays all the time.

When you are a 10 year old girl, if it's bright, has glitter, some type of animal print, and has colors that clash with each other-you think it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

When you are 7 and 10, you are caught somewhere between "big" and "little".  Sometimes you want to act grown up and sophisticated, other times, you just want to crawl around and pretend to be a dog.


  1. I can so relate. My youngest two are 10 (daughter) and 7 (son).

  2. Ha Ha...I totally relate with the 3rd one, about the wrestling around at the dinner table... common occurance in this house...although I don't think they meow!! Oh...the DS, same here too! Remember playing punch bug...Now those were the days...maybe I'll suggest that ... hmmp...I guess not, that would lead my kids in to fighting to see who can punch harder...never mind..."Hey kids"...make sure to find your DS before we leave!! LOL Have a fabulous day!!

  3. I can relate to this, too, with a son who is 11yo. I'm not sure when all that self-consciousness starts but it hasn't started yet!

  4. What about when you're 33?? Sometimes I still feel like I'm 15 and I want to sleep in and not clean up and worry about things like hairspray and if the NKOTB will be on a magazine cover at the store.

    I think we're all living walking contradictions :) Or maybe it's just me and 7 and 10 year olds!

  5. I still want to crawl around and ack like a dog! Too funny, this cracks me up and makes me wish I could be 7 again so I can tell everyone Duke Luke is my boy friend...Hey that just gave me an idea of a post...thanks. :)

  6. We play Slug Bug! Luckily, the kids have kept it fairly far, anyhow....
    Bo Duke was my celebrity boyfriend, followed by Scott Baio and Michael J Fox.
    Sleeping late is my favorite thing-I think I'm part cat, although I don't meow as often as my kids do.

  7. Do you live in my house? Are you the noise I heard in the basement this morning? These stories sound eerily familiar...

  8. Oh to be 7 or 10 again. We REALLY did just look out the window or read a book or talk quietly when on a road trip. Those were the days!

  9. Aww... Personally I was a Ricky Schroeder kinda a 10 year old.

    Time flies far too quickly -- 7 and 10 now will too soon be 10 and 13, then 13 and 16...


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