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Happy Blogaversary to Me!

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One year ago today, I was bored.  I had taken my kids school clothes shopping, and did something at the mall that only a goofy Mom could do.  I felt the need to tell someone about it, so I started this blog to share my silly little stories of random things that happen around here, and to give myself something to do.  Talking to myself wasn't very satisfying, so I didn't really do too much more blogging until January, when I really started to get down to business.

How does one celebrate a Blogaversary? With birthdays, you have cakes with candles (and chocolate cake ground into your carpet), presents, and if it's a kid's birthday, you may have to suffer through a trip to hell Chuck E Cheese.  (Please don't make me go there-I'd rather clean the bathrooms!) With marriage anniversaries, there's a card, a bouquet of roses from Kroger, and a discussion about how nice it would be to go on a date together, if only you had a babysitter.  (What? Just us?) With the anniversary of a job, you may get more vacation benefits, or even a raise.  (At least that's what I hear-it certainly doesn't happen to me, though!)  The 4th of July could be considered the anniversary of the US, and for that we have cookouts, fireworks, and parades.  But this?

Mary Bailey suggested that I celebrate by giving all of my loyal readers Amazon giftcards, and I think that's a fabulous idea! You will be donating them, right Mary? ;-) If not, I could send you all a little token of appreciation-that is, if you would like a used dryer sheet, a sock missing it's mate, or whatever random Lego pieces or pocket change turn up in the wash.  Ummm...maybe I'll just do a "best of" recap post instead.

The post that started it all occurred in August of 2009, along with a few others.  In September, I blogged about having nothing to blog about.  (Fun, right?) We'll just leave that one in the old archives.....  October, November and December saw a complete lack of posting.  I really got off to a booming start, didn't I?  Things got fired up in January, finally, when I started posting more regularly.  My favorite January post  is probably this one , a sweet little story about my cute little guy. My first Disturbing Pictures My Son Draws post took place then, too. (The link can be found in the sidebar) 

In February, something exciting happened! I wrote Confessions of a Library Loser , and people actually started visiting and commenting on my blog! (and some of them even came back after finding out what a terrible civic-citizen I am) In March, I wrote my first Is it Just Me, Or... post, and was very relieved to find out that, at least for a lot of things, it wasn't just me!

I actually have a lot of favorite posts from April, but probably that one that gives you a hint of the true chaos that is me, is this post where I dump my purse out and describe the contents.  Sounds pretty lame, I admit, but I think it came out pretty entertaining.  In May, I did   Pictureless Wednesday, or Signs That a Little Boy Lives at Your House.

In June, I did If I Wrote a Parenting Magazine , which was so fun to write (and easy, because I'm good at spewing fake advice), that I'm planning on making it a series, or a meme.  Last month, I wrote about my alter ego, or nemesis, depending on how you look at it, in Stories of a Perfect Mom .  This one was fun to write as well, the pent up sarcasm and snark flowed through my fingertips with so much ease that I'm totally going to be writing more of these!

So, there you have it-a year (more or less) with the Imperfect Mom.  Stick around for another year, as I continue to find my groove, in my own imperfect way.  Thanks to all of my regular readers who keep me from talking to myself, and if you are new here, stick around! (That is, if you don't mind some sentimental posts, and lots of sarcasm and general goofiness!) 

Now what am I going to do when I hit 100 posts?

PS-By the way, you've probably noticed that I have a new blog header and blog button.  Keep in mind that this is my first attempt at customizing anything blog-wise, and I'm making it up as I go along.  I don't really like the way the header doesn't blend with the template, so this will be a work in progress.  If you'd like my button, you are welcome to use it!
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  1. You are too funny, I am so glad I happened upon your blog earlier this spring!! Happy Blogaversary...I'll be stick'n around for more sarcasm!! Oh, and even the sentimental ones!!

  2. I love the new blog header. Very witty, as are most of your posts! Can't wait to see what you blog about in the next year. By the way, I love the recap idea. I went back and read the ones I missed before I was a subscriber.

  3. Happy Blogaversary to you! I just recently began following your blog and have enjoyed all of your posts. I am going to go back and catch up on what I've missed. Blessings!

  4. Happy Blogaversary!!! Wow, I'm definitely inspired to continue my blogging especially after reading this post! By the way I'm from the lady bloggers society and also a new follower

    -Nikki from The Fabmom Chronicles

  5. LOVED reading some of your old posts...and good ones, at that! Happy blogoversary!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! I enjoyed going back and reading your very first post. I see why you would want to write about that total Mom moment! Glad you have stuck with it. Keep telling us more!

  7. Happy Boliversary! You celebrated it perfectly! Love the Wordless Wednesday, Signs a boy lives here. Perfect!

  8. Congratulations! That is awesome! 1 year and counting!

  9. Happy Bloggerversary! Yay :)

    Mine is tomorrow...yah, I was hoping to have some fab/out of this world giveaway too...hmmm...still have a few hours. I love your snark, don't change! I have your button and I love your there ;)

  10. Happy Blogaversary! I'm a new follower and looking forward to reading more of your posts. The recap was a great idea; a good way for new readers to get to know you:)


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