Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pictureless Wednesday

Ok, so the title of this post was supposed to be "Signs That a Little Boy Lives at Your House", but I couldn't resist using this title, instead.  Plus, I can reuse this title whenever I don't feel like finding a picture I want! It's reusable and recyclable.  I'm SO green, people.  So green.

Signs that a little boy lives at your house:
  • black Sharpie marks on your mattress
  • action figures at Hot Wheels in the flower beds
  • red clay dust on the carpet, tracked in from baseball cleats worn in the house
  • a trail of dirty little socks all throughout the house
  • crumbs on the kitchen table
  • crumbs under the kitchen table
  • crumbs between his sheets along with a two week old bread crust
  • a varied assortment of Lego airplanes and spaceships in differing states of disrepair throughout the living room
  • a brand new T-shirt cut from the neckline half way down the chest
  • a...wait! What?!
Um, yeah.  My son will do anything for a laugh.  He's shy with adults, but is constantly trying to make other kids laugh with his goofy antics.  (I have no idea who he gets those personality traits from!) Today is a perfect example.  Thankfully for us, when he gets in trouble at school, or does something he knows he shouldn't have, he tells us about it.  It was his guilty conscience that caused him to show us his shirt right after school.

"Umm...I kind of got a little hot at school, so my scissors and did this", he told us, pointing out the straight slit that went about 6 inches down the front of his shirt.

"You cut your SHIRT?!", I screeched said incredulously, as my husband calmly started counting to ten.

It turns out that he was trying to make his friends laugh, while the substitute teacher wasn't looking.  Nice.  My kid is that kid.  The one who does daring, but dumb things to earn the respect and laughter of his first grade peers.  Great

The teacher never noticed apparently, and we established that he never would have even tried this had his real teacher been there.  Once every couple of weeks he gets his clip moved to yellow for some nit picky thing like asking to go to the bathroom 20 minutes after the whole class has gone, or giggling during center time, so I can just imagine that his teacher would have had a coronary had she seen this.

(Sigh.) He will be paying for the new shirt (that we just bought last night!) with his allowance, and we had a talk about showing respect for things and people, and the value of a dollar, and pretty much any other parently lesson we could think to impart in between more pauses for my husband to mentally count to ten and take deep breaths..

Other signs a little boy lives at your house:
  • little feet pitterpattering down the stairs for a second drink of water at bedtime
  • a second round of sticky kisses goodnight, gentle hugs, and "I love you Mom"'s
  • stick people drawings of Mommy and Daddy kissing surrounded by Star Wars tie fighters
  • a sincere little voice who says upon hearing thunder at bedtime "If you feel somebody climbing in bed between you two tonight, that'll just be me."
  • your house is filled with infectious, mischievous giggles, that make Daddy stop counting and start laughing along
Do you have a little boy at your house? What are some of the good, and not so good signs?


  1. Playdoh in the carpet, marker on the walls, dirt ground in to little feet....

    Sticky kisses and sweaty hugs. :)

    The life of a mom of boys!

  2. Oh, yes, we have a little boy! Some of the signs:

    ~wrappers, spoons, pudding cups, water bottles, crayons, pencils, sunflower seeds, dirty socks, and other things under couch cushions, in the bedcovers, littering the carpet.

    ~a balled up washcloth and a mushy bar of soap left in the bottom of the tub every single night.

    ~a cat that is terrorized 95% of the time.

    ~tools, sports equipment, water bottles and juice boxes left out in the yard.

    ~lots of laughter and lots of hugs :-)

  3. Another great post... I am so glad I am not the only one! I have two boys only 18 months apart...Double the Fun!!

    ~Dirty clothes and balled up socks on the floor of the bathroom, bathroom light on, shower curtian left open, and no child to be found...he's back outside playing in the dirt!
    ~Wet bath towel on the bedroom floor!
    ~Dirty hand towels in their bathroom, because it would take way to long to throughly wash their hands before drying them.
    ~toothpaste stuck to sink every morning and every night!

    ~The crooked smile, and the big bear hugs~

    I could go on and on ~ Thanks for the smile!!

  4. The climbing in the bed...definitely...accompanied by a finger poking me directly in the eye and a LOUD whisper saying "open your eyes your mouth..what's in there..soup?" {It's cute, funny and super annoying all at the same time :)
    It would be pretty boring and predictable without them though!

  5. Great post! You forgot the TOLIET!!!!! The huge hole that they have to pee in but for some unknown reason they can't seem to SEE the opening! UGGH!

    There has to be a special bathroom in heaven for moms of boys!

  6. I can relate to almost all of yor comments! My daughter actually does a lot fo those things, too.
    Ugh, playdoh in the carpet. Due to the issues we've had with Floam and Moon Sand, sticky, bright colored substances of any kind are only to be used outside.
    Balled up wash cloths, socks and towels on the floor-we're talking about my husband, now!
    The toilet! Yuck! My husband actually tried to blame my daughter as the child in the family with poor aim. I told him I thought that was nearly impossible for girls.

  7. LOL. My monkey man isn't old enough to really make huge messes...except at dinner time. I get a sticky Monkey every single night after dinner. And somehow...I always end up sticky as well.

  8. I remember those days. When my little ones ate spaghetti, we'd have to take them straight to the bathtub-where an orange ring at water level was always left behind afterwards.

  9. Yeah I have 3 little boys... Its a real house.
    .Yellow pee ponds on the bathroom floor
    . boggers on the back of the mini van seats
    . and more hugs they I'll ever get tierd of


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