Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yeah, that was me...

That woman you saw today at the little league baseball diamonds? You know, the one wearing a zip up hoodie, an ill fitting jacket, a child sized Snuggie and her daughter's multicolored, butterfly Children's Place gloves? Yeah, that was probably me.  Judging by the smiles everyone was giving me, I either looked cute or ridiculous.  I prefer to think I looked kind of cute, but really, there IS a fine line between cute and ridiculous.  (And I've been known to cross it.) But hey, I finally was able to put to good use some of the items in my minivan that collect there because no one ever carries all their stuff inside the house.

Welcome to May in Indiana-where we can have highs in the 80's for three days in a row, and then BAM! The next day, the temperature doesn't even make it out of the 40's. Don't forget the daily Tornado Watches, either! There's something for everyone here; weather-wise, anyhow.

I hope I get something good for Mother's Day, because seriously? I deserve it.  My daughter had a softball game at 9 this morning.  She scored a double play which is really awesome since most of the girls were bundled up so much they could hardly move.  All of us parents-those of us brave enough to not sit in our cars-were bundled up against the wind, clutching cups of concession stand coffee, and trying to force our numb hands to clap when one of the girls actually hit the ball. As midwesterners, we're supposed to be much more hardy than this, but we've been spoiled by an especially warm spring.  Give us a day like this in January, though, and you're likely to see people in flip flops and shorts.

Anyhow, 2 hours later, we crossed the parking lot to field 10 for my son's baseball game.  Tot can always hit the ball, but that's pretty much it, really.  When he plays first base, he's really more of a First Base Greeter, than a first baseman.  He goes to baseball practice to socialize and to climb up the walls of the plywood and cinder block dugout like a monkey until I go yell at ask him to get down.  Today, he was especially not into the game since he had already sat through his sister's game and was freezing, despite the three shirts and jacket he insisted upon wearing.  He pretty much just stood in the outfield and flapped his arms like a bird when his team was not at bat. Which, come to think of it, isn't that unusual, really.  But, he's in first grade, so there's only about 3 boys on each team who seem to really understand what's going on, anyhow.  The rest just run when they are told to run, and pick grass and kick up dirt the rest of the time.

By 12:45, we were all hungry and chilled to the bone from the artic wind.  The only Grand Slam any of us were interested in seeing at this point was of the Denny's variety.  After a quick trip through the McD's drive thru, we came home to warm up.'s good to be warm!

The things we do for our kids. (Sigh.) Okay, it really wasn't *that* bad.  The kids had fun, I had a yummy pretzel with cheese, and I'm sure I'll be able to hear out of my frozen, aching right ear again someday.

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  1. That was me just last night, in the rain and the cold...although I chicken'd out after the first inning. My daughter's teeth were chattering :), and she insisted she wanted to play (she's only 3)!! I guess I am a fair weather cheerleader! :)

  2. It's snowing here today so I can safely say I identify and if I have to shovel on Mother's Day I will NOT be a happy camper! Hope you have a great Mom's day and that you do get something good :)

  3. I had such a visual of Tot flapping his arms like a bird while waiting for a ball to head his way. What a good mom you are to brave the weather, no matter whether you're making a fashion statement or not. You definitely will get nominated for Mother of the Year.

  4. LOL! Little kid baseball games are always entertaining with all the outfield antics! We refrained from putting TRex in teeball because I didn't want to pay membership fees to allow him to play Spiderman in left field! Ha!

    I admire your wardrobe imagination! ;-) I'm sure you aren't the only mom to have to bundle up with leftover items in the car!


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