Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stories of a Perfect Mom?

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Today was just an ordinary Saturday around here.  I woke up my darling little children up with breakfast in bed.  Nothing special, just some homemade, organic whole wheat waffles with fresh, organic strawberries grown in our own lovely garden, and some fresh milk.  You know, just a little something I threw together really quick, since we needed to hurry to go out and watch the sunrise.  Of course, I took 543 quirkily off center pictures of the food, my children eating the food, my children with strawberries on their precious little faces, my children walking out side, and of my children watching the sunrise.  I would have taken more, but my camera battery died.  (I feel like SUCH a failure as a Mom! I may have missed documenting a few precious seconds of my quickly growing children's lives! Validate me please!)

Then, we went inside, where I quickly put in my spare camera battery.  Whew.  Then we tidied up the kitchen.  The children love nothing more than washing dishes-such dears! You should see the lovely pictures I took of my little sugar boogers with soap suds on their rosy little cheeks! (I only took 32, though, and couldn't narrow it down to the 7 best pictures, so I didn't post any.)  Of course, no one sloshed any water on the floor-they are such neat children-and since no one ever gets any crumbs on the floor, we didn't need to sweep the kitchen.  We sang and whistled, and quoted lines from Snow White as we worked.

Afterwards, I taught my children how to knit, with the prettiest, cashmere yarn I found in a sale bin at the local fiber shoppe.  Being such intelligent and dexterous children, they caught on very quickly, and soon had knit 4 sweaters (2 ply) for Christmas presents.  Since all of our Christmas gifts are already purchased and wrapped for this year, we'll perhaps save them for next year. 

Next, I dressed the sweeties in their most darling, color coordinated play clothes.  I only spent $50 on each outfit, so it won't matter if they get them dirty.  I quickly put together a picnic lunch of free range, roasted chicken, artisan cheese, and homemade bread.  I added some homemade yogurt and fresh blueberries for dessert.  (We'll swing by the apple orchard on our way to pick some apples to take along, too.)  After squeezing a few lemons for lemonade, I packed it in some BDP free bottles, and loaded the wicker picnic hamper with the food, a red and white checked picnic blanket, and some mismatched, antique china that I keep on hand for picnics.

We headed to the local park, which is in an idyllic setting, nestled among some trees.  The children didn't even complain as I took 95 pictures of them posing happily at the park, even though they could see other children playing on the playground equipment.  The photo shoot only took 2 hours, though, so they still had abut 5 minutes to swing and slide before lunch.  I believe that free, unscheduled time is SO important for children, don't you?

Next, my daughter had art lessons-she's in a competitive, Rembrandt-style painting group.  She's so talented, her work is head and shoulders above the other children, but this is the highest group, so what do you do, you know?  After that, my son had football practice.  He's such a tough guy, my little cutie-pie! He's so enjoying tackle football this year, that he even tackles the other kids when they aren't even playing! It's so adorable.  Some of the other parents though, could really stand to have a sense of humor....  It was our turn for snack, so I brought a lovely spinach salad along with some Kefir.  Sadly, no one seemed to be hungry...

After concert piano lessons, competitive swim lessons and voice class, we headed home.  I'm so glad that we were able to have a nice, relaxing day today! The children are working ahead in their math textbooks now, while I prepare dinner.  My 7 year old is working on Calculus this year, you know! I don't really fell like cooking today (terrible, I know!) so we may just have something simple, like standing rib roast, or something.  (I know, red meat is so bad,  but my darling hubby likes it.) So, that's what's going on in our world.  How about yours? I'm sure your day has been MUCH more productive and memorable than ours.

Just kidding, we didn't do any of that.  I really had you going for a while, didn't I?  Seriously, my son went to a birthday party, my daughter searched eBay (hey, it keeps her busy!) for a while, before running off to play with a neighbor kid, and I did laundry.  I did, however, bend over and pick up that refrigerator magnet off the floor that we've all been stepping over for 2 days.  I felt strangely accomplished after that....
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  1. Ha ha ~ I knew it couldn't be true when you said you got up to watch the sunrise!! To Funny...Thanks for the laugh this morning!! :)

  2. funny you mention that the fridge magnet has been on the floor for 2 days...I was just thinking about a time that there was a take out coffee lid behind a chair in my living room and I must've walked by it for a week before I bent down and picked it up...glad to know I'm not the only one!

    "keeping up with the blogging joneses"...hahahaha..there's a lot of them out there that's for sure! Thanks for the laugh and the reality check :)

  3. You had me going until the second sentence. I thought "Breakfast in sweet AND unusual". Great satire!

    You won the book on my blog---Check your email!

  4. Hilarious. Parental fantasy gone wild.

  5. Seriously. You won the book on my blog. I need to send it to you. Check your email!

  6. Thanks everyone, it was a fun post to write, and surprisingly easy-I think I have some issues bottled up inside that I've needed to get on fake paper, LOL.
    Yea! I won something! Awesome-I need a new book to read.

  7. I found you on Theta Moms, and this post really cracked me up. Especially since I've actually read blogs where the posts are like that. Much more fun your way! I'm a new follower!


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