Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gone Missing

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I have officially lost my sense of humor for the time being.  Our air conditioner went out Friday night.  We're having a repairman come on Tuesday (that's payday, because we anticipate $$$ in repairs this time), but in the meantime, it's hot in here.  Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, so yeah, that was fun.  Our upstairs is approximately 900 degrees, so we've all been camping out downstairs with the fan on and windows open.  Which basically means that the kids are thrilled at the "adventure" and my husband who's former Army training allows him to sleep anywhere and through anything, barely notices anything is different.  Me, on the other hand? I'm lying awake, listening to the maddening screeching of 459 billion cicadas, 330 million crickets, and a couple of confused birds, as I try to find a comfortable and cool spot on the couch.  Every noise out of the ordinary has me sitting up, wide eyed, wondering if I should wake my husband up get up and inspect.  I slept better when I had infants.  If it weren't for our financial situation at the moment, I'd totally be at a hotel.  Yes, I guess I am a bit of a prima donna.  I'll own it.

You know how the media are always saying that crime rises as the temperatures rise?  I totally understand that now.  My nerves are shot, we've all been grouchy and argumentative.  If I were a perfect mom, I would turn this into some fun adventure, but bleh, I don't have the energy for that.  Besides, I'd have to move out from in front of the fan. (Yes, I know I just used too many prepositions.  It's what all the cool kids do.)

I know, I know.  You're probably thinking to yourself, "The world's tiniest violin is playing just for you" or, my personal childhood favorite, "My heart bleeds purple Kool Aid just for you."  But really, it's not just the broken AC, it's a combination of factors, kind of all piling up at once, as rotten things tend to do.  Anyhow, once my sense of humor come back (I think it automatically shuts off once the indoor air temperature surpasses 79), I'll be back to my usual snarky self, but hopefully, much cooler.
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  1. Good luck...I hope it get's fixed soon, and with out a huge repair bill! Meanwhile, lay low, and try not to move much; housework would just make it worse!! ;)

    Blessings, Monica

  2. Hey! I think you have every right to be in a foul mood. Sweating and me don't mix so I totally feel be honest as the summer winds down I'm actually looking forward to fall for the cooler weather. And you're right...dumb things DO always seem to happen together...and it sucks. Keep the faith girl :)

  3. You have my deepest sympathies and I'm not being sarcastic at all when I say that. I'm a big fan of staying cool plus I have asthma so I can breathe a lot better when it's cool. Last year, we were astounded at a $300 electric bill so we went drastic by turning off the air. My husband was the first to cave when it reached 90-degrees in the house. I'm secretly glad he caved, b/c I was going to if he hadn't. We did end up lowering our bill some.

    Anyhoo...hang in there, girl! And you should know, that you still write superbly, even when you're hot, sleep-deprived, and stressed!

  4. Oh honey, I feel ya. I hate the heat and we don't have ac. Just window units. Take a cold shower and have some icecream and try not to kill the kids. Your still funny when your crabby tho.

  5. oh my! we moved into a new house and were sans-air conditioning for a good 2 weeks...OMG miserable! so, i feel ur pain. :p

  6. Wow...that would make me grouchy, too! Hope you get it taken care of soon!

  7. Ahhh...the AC is fixed now, an dIm in a much better mood! It's funny, I don't really mind the heat when I'm outside, but I can't stand for it to be over 75 indoors.


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