Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you disgusting?

No, that's actually a rhetorical question, I wasn't commenting on you personally.  Relax.

I walked into my coworker's office yesterday, to find her hunched over behind her desk, bare foot on a knee.
"Are you clipping your toenails? Here?!", I asked with a laugh.
"Well, yeah.  One of them anyway.  I am in MY office afterall!"
I found this particularly funny, since this coworker/friend hates feet-but obviously not her own.
"So can I clip mine in here, too?"

This began a discussion of habits that people have that others may find disgusting, or less than sanitary.  (This is why I like my job-plus, it was more interesting than the work waiting on my desk for me...) My friend's husband clips his toenails in bed.  Yes, the bed that they share.  Ewww.  No wonder she hates feet...

My own husband, back in our dating days, found it perfectly acceptable to hide dirty dishes under the sink when company came.  He will now deny this, but it's true.  He would forget about the dishes, and then once they were found, he'd THROW THEM AWAY. He's no longer allowed to do that, by the way.

My mother would often allow used Kleenex's to pile up in her purse.  Whenever she would ask someone to get something out of her purse for her, we'd just bring her the purse instead.  We teased her often with the Gump inspired, "Mom's purse is like a box of chocolates.  When you reach in, you never know what you're going to get."

My Dad, the only early riser in his house, sees nothing wrong with sharing the breakfast table with the cat.  Much to my mother's disgust, he allows the cat to sit on the table, next to his newspaper and breakfast bowl, because he likes the company.

None of these people consider their habits to be disgusting, but others do.  I'd wager a guess that all of us have a least one habit  that others may find.....less than pleasant.  Maybe you are the person who I've seen picking their nose at a stoplight.  Or maybe you have a habit of spitting on sidewalks.  (Seriously, guys-what IS that about?)  Perhaps you leave your sweaty, stinky socks over the register or (gasp!) lampshade to dry out.  Whatever it is, I'll bet you have a nasty habit or two.  If you disagree, ask your spouse or significant other-they'll think of a few for you, I guarantee it! So, find out what it is, and come back here and share in the comments! I'll choose the funniest or strangest gross habit, and give you and your blog a shout out in a future post.

Oh, wait.  You probably want to here about MY gross habit, right?  Well, I don't personally find this gross, maybe "quirky" or a "cutely messy", but my coworker thought it was yucky.  (She also nearly peed her pants laughing at me, so at least I've got that going for me.) When I eat popcorn (natural, NO butter or greasy stuff, only salt), and the carpet needs to be vacuumed anyhow, I usually sometimes flick the flaky popcorn hulls onto the floor so they don't get stuck in my teeth (because THAT is gross, yo). See, that's not so bad, is it?  After all, it's going to be swept up sooner or later, just like the toenail clippings on her office floor. Only popcorn hulls aren't body parts, so it's actually waaaaayyy better.  Right?


  1. Clipping toenails at her desk is hilarious, especially b/c my sister-in-law who is a new mom complains about having to clip her nails at work b/c she can't find the time at home! She just started sharing an office with someone, though, so she might have to quit.

    I'm pretty sure that *I* don't have any disgusting habits---Wait a minute...I have hidden dirty pots and pans in the oven when people come over...Do you mean that's gross? I don't leave them there indefinitely, though!

    This reminds me of a friend's dad who was always shirtless whenever we went over to his house. He would even sit at the dinner table without a shirt on! Apparently, he was known for this b/c the pastor even mentioned it at the man's funeral. I think shirtlessness at the dinner table is pretty gross!

  2. Hmmm, I'll have to ask dh what my gross habit is. Because I'm sure that I have one...or 12. But, it's hard to see your own!

  3. Too funny! I am a compulsive lip-licker. Like I have to lick my lips after every bite of food or they feel like they're covered with food. My hubby teases me about it, but I never have food dripping off my mouth when we go out to eat...

  4. Ummm...this post is very funny and...a little uncomfortable..kinda like a game of truth or dare..with no dare!

    I have to admit..I flick the popcorn shellish parts on the floor too...woops. And I used to...{don't anymore because it gives me bad skin} sleep with my makeup on a lot as a teenager...kinda gross..and lazy...I guess I'm a little disgusting. But I'm really nice so hopefully that makes up for it!?

  5. OMG - what a wonderful read at 6:30 on a Saturday morning:0) I hope I haven't woke anyone up!! I would have to say that I have a habit of cliping the occasional finger nail at work. My co-worker was like "Are you clipping your nails at work", my reply "Nope...just the one that is broke" She feels I should go to the ladies room to do it!! Oh well!! not my toe nails after all!! :)

  6. @ Mary-I've hidden dirty pots and pans in my oven for company before, too-LOL!
    @ Soup Mama-I'll bet you go through lots of chapstick.
    @Tanya-A fellow hull flicker!! I'm so exicted. I'm also bad at removing my makeup regularly at night.
    @Monica-I've filed broken nails at work before. I suppose I'd clip it if I had too...


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