Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey, guess what?

I won another blog award! Woohoo! Ok, I have to set the scene before I can formally accept this award.  Imagine that I am wearing an elegant evening gown.  Maybe something in gold or black, but definitley classically styled.  I tried to find a picture to help your imaginations, but apparently, I'm too picky to even choose an imaginary dress, with imaginary money, to fit my imaginary body, which is 35 pounds slimmer and  3 or 4 inches taller than my actual body.  (Just think what it must be like to shop with me in real life!) Anyhow, here I am in my lovely, classic old Hollywood dress (I'm thinking maybe something vintage-y? Hmmmm...), standing on stage somewhere glamourous, clutching my newest blog award.  Oh.  Wait a minute, that won't work.  Ok, so I'm clutching my laptop, with the award on the screen! Yeah, that's it! But, my battery is crap, so I'll need a really long extension cord, and that'll look tacky, so let's just put the award on a big old screen behind me.  Imagine my hair looking however you want, because I can't even figure out what to do with in in real life.  (I've always wanted to try red, though....)  Someone handsome (George Clooney maybe) just called me up on stage, and kissed me on the cheek. (I like this scenario!)
There-that's probably way more scene setting than necessary, but this is a big moment for me here!

Tanya, from Dreams Diapers and Dilemmas, has bestowed upon my blog the Beautiful Blogger award.  (Me? Beautiful? *Bats eyelashes coyly*) Tanya has a great blog, and she and I seem to have a lot in common.  I think we'd be good friends here in the real world! Thank you Tanya, I appreciate it, and look forward to returning the favor someday!

According to the rules of acceptance, this is what I have to do, and so do the people I pass the award on to.

* Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.

* Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you’ve recently discovered.

* Contact the Bloggers and let them know they’ve won (leave a comment on their latest post and/or tweet it with their @twitter name).

* State 7 things about yourself.

Wow-these things always want you to pass on the award to 15 people.  I'm still kind of new at this blogging thing, and I'm sort of shy and awkward about this kind of stuff (and pretty much everything in general, come to think of it).  I'm not sure I can do 15, but here are a few Beautiful Blogs I've recently started reading:

Buncha Blue-eyed Monkeys
Burried With Children
The Chronicles of a Veteran Kindergarten Teacher
My Little Life
Four Hoosiers, Two Cats and a Poker Table

Not 15, but check out my blog roll for some of my other favorites, who may add the award themselves if they happen to be reading.

Seven Things (because I haven't blabbered on long enough yet) About Moi
I talk about myself a lot on here, this is harder than I thought to come up with new, random stuff.

1. I hate mornings. Hate.  I never, ever, feel rested in the morning, yet I can't go to sleep at a reasonable time at night.
2.  My family has no idea that I blog.  No clue at all.
3.  My Mom is the only person in the world who totally "gets" me, and her health is poor.  That really scares me-I need her.
4.  I'm currently addicted to the show Ruby.
5.  I can't remember the last time all the laundry in the house was done.  (I do the laundry, so that's about me, right?)
6.  I love Big Chewy Sweet Tarts, Chewy Sprees, BottleCaps and Nerds. 
7.  I'm a very loyal friend, but I'm terrible at maintaining friendships, if that makes any sense.

*cue music* Oh, I guess my time is up! Thanks ag... *cut to commercial*


  1. Congratulations, Bethany! A well-deserved honor, to be sure.

  2. I will take any excuse that I can to get all dressed up and go to an awards show.

    Ok, I have not really ever been to an awards show but I think it would be fun.

    Anyway, Congrats to you and thanks for passing it onto me. :)


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