Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

I love a good meme when I have a bunch of random thoughts floating around in my head, but no coherent full story ideas.  Today I'm jumping on the Thursday Thirteen bandwagon.  Visit the Thursday-13 site to link up your own Thirteen, or to read more posts.

1.  My daughter recently bought her first Teen Beat magazine.  She's growing up too fast. Oddly enough, there were no Menudo, Scott Baio or Kirk Cameron pictures in there like I remembered. < scratching head in wonder >

2.  I went to my Uncle's funeral today.  There were originally 11 kids in my Dad's family, and only 7 of them remain.  My brother and I were looking around wondering when all of our uncles and aunts and cousins got so old, because, of course, we haven't aged a bit!

3.  I'm on a pot stickers kick lately.  I bought the frozen premade kind at the store last week, and they didn't turn out too well, because to the pan.  (Thus the name?)

4.  The dead battery is still in my purse.  I did do a little decrapifying cleaning out, though.  I'm thinking of making the battery my purse mascot, or something.

5.  I appreciate the irony of the fact that I was given grief about not attending any family reunions by someone who's technically no longer even related to the family today.  (Married into family, then divorced years later.)  I love her, so that's ok.

6.  Hmmm....I've been stuck on number 6 for a really long time.

7. No one should wear this .  Unless you are a 3 year old girl, and everything else is dirty, and your Mommy just drug this out of the "Stuff That the Well Intentioned Grandma with Questionable Taste" bought at a garage sale for you to wear with your ruffly socks and white patent leather shoes.

8.  I like to make Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes.  Well, technically, I like to eat them, not make them.  They are actually fairly good for you.  I loosely follow this recipe , but I use tomato sauce instead of juice, and add about 1/8 cup of ketchup, and 1 TBS of brown sugar.  I also puree most of the black beans into the tomato paste, and smash the others a bit with a fork so it isn't so "bean-y".  This would be a good chili recipe with a little extra tomato sauce and maybe some corn or something thrown in.  And cheese.  Cheese makes everything better.  (I ought to have that stitched on a pillow.)

9.  Five more, huh? Hmmmm.  For once in my life, I'm having a little trouble coming up with randomness.

10.  I recently found The Mouthy Housewives blog.  It's a hilariously sarcastic, tongue in cheek "advice" column.  It's very snarky, but there is much truth in the snark!

11.  I want this necklace for Mother's Day.  After nearly 13 years of marriage, and nearly 10 years of motherhood, I've learned that in order to get something I actually want for a gift giving holiday, I either have to purchase it myself ("Look what you bought me for Mother's Day, Honey!"), or be very deliberate and specific (there's only a 50/50 chance of this one working, but he prefers "surprising" me).  I've opted to try my luck at the second strategy this time, so I showed him the computer screen and said "Look! I want THIS for Mother's Day!", and emailed him the link.  We'll see what happens.

12.  I'm almost there(!), and there's actually still some of Thursday left!

13.  Tomorrow, I'll be back with the latest installment of "Disturbing Pictures My Son Draws", so check back Friday afternoon or evening!  Also in the works, is an update to my "Library Loser" post (fyi-I'm STILL a Library Loser).  If you haven't read the originals of these, the links are on my sidebar, if you are interested.


  1. Oh Teen Beat! The about the fact that another one who would've been right beside Kirk Cameron would've been Corey Haim!! Life is crazy. I heard on TV the other day that Alyssa Milano debuted as Sam on Who's The Boss....wait for it...26 YEARS AGO!!!! How is that possible?!?! Anyway...I'm glad you found the meme, I had to search for quite a while...sorry about the funeral :(
    P.S. I love the Vintage Pearl too!

  2. I love the look of your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I enjoyed your randomness! Sorry about your uncle. And aren't our kids growing up too fast? My twins are almost 14. I guess when she was 12, I bought that first teen beat magazine. Bittersweet.

  3. This was a fun read! I love the necklace but that romper had be cracking up!

  4. Stumbled onto your blog,......LOVE IT! Looking forward to reading about the not so "random" events in the everyday life of the "imperfect" Mom we all can relate to.

    Thanks for the great read!

  5. But what I want to know is, were there any Duran Duran pictures in the Teen Beat magazine? Because they were the reason I used to buy it! Kirk Cameron was a cutie, too.

    Love that necklace! I hope your hubby takes the hint. My standing Mother's Day gift is usually potted flowers for my porch, but they always get me some little surprise, too.

    I know you're attached to the battery in your purse, but don't hang onto it or else you will find some rusty crap has leaked out of it!

    Your list is fun. You always make me laugh, Bethany. Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the comment about Cheese...If a receipe calls for a cup of cheese - I put in two cups or more :) Thank you for the heads up on The Mouthy Housewives! I'll be checky them out! Great post again!!

  7. Thanks everyone!
    I'll keep you posted on whether my husband takes the "hint" about the necklace, or not.
    Yikes-thanks for the reminder about the battery, I guess I don't want that to happen!
    Maybe I should have used "romper" and "cheese" as keywords...

  8. Cracked up at you thinking about making the battery your purse mascot. Makes perfect sense to me!

    I have a 12 year old daughter who loves the Teen Beat magazine. And, I don't mind looking at Zac Efron either.

  9. Can you stand it! My daughter recently got her first Tigerbeat magazine. I told her how I used to get those magazines and cut out the pictures of Scott Baio and Rob Lowe! She said, who??


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