Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm a little hesitant to write this post, because I don't want to scare away any of my new followers (thank you and welcome, by the way!), but so many people commented on my Ultimate Blog Party post that they liked the fact that I keep it real over here, sooooooooo.... I'm about to get all real up in here.  (That's a suburban 30-something Mom trying to be cool there, folks.)

I had a little outpatient surgical procedure today, nothing serious, but they had to put me under, and all that.  I'm feeling pretty good, maybe a tiny bit weak, but I'm not in pain or anything, so that's good.  The worst part of this whole deal was the preparation for the surgery.  When I scheduled my surgery, my doctor's office gave me a folder with instructions to follow before the procedure.  Mostly, it was the typical, don't eat or drink after midnight the night before, don't take asprin or ibuprofin, etc.  But,  there was one other thing I had to do last night (actually I had to do it twice!!), that seemed kind of unusual for this specific type of surgery, but the instructions were on the official paper with my Doctor's name on it, so I did it.

I'm not going to tell you what I did, but I'm sure many of you can figure it out.  Those of you who can't-trust me, you don't want to know, anyhow.  It's just not pleasant, and some things just can't be.....ummmm.....unthought.  It was pretty horrible and humiliating, and I refuse to ever do it again.  Anyhow, let's just say, that a woman knows she's found a good man, when he'll hold her up on the toilet for 10 looooonnnnggg minutes so she doesn't fall off when she feels like she's going to pass out.  That, my friends, is true love, LOL.  Seriously, other than the...ummmm....thing that I had to do (Twice!!! Did I mention that? Twice!), which was not good at all, I had some pretty scary side effects that I don't think I was supposed to, and...the thing (thingSuh) didn't quite have their desired effect, which I worried about all night when I was not busy clutching my pillow in hopes of not sliding off the edge of reality.

Today at the hospital, my Doctor came to check in with me before the surgery.  He's a pretty nice guy, and I've always really liked him as a Doctor, but when I mentioned that I had trouble with those things, he sort of chuckled, waved his hand, and said "Awww, you didn't really have to DO that.  Sorry, those were OLD instructions you were given. That wasn't really necessary." Yeah.  In that moment, I didn't like him so much.

But, after the surgery, he gave me some pretty sweet pictures of the thing he removed, so I think he was trying to make up for it in the way only a surgeon can.  Don't worry, I won't be posting those, but they all look vaguely like Venus..... Hey, the last time something was removed from my body, I got a baby out of the deal, so I was happy to be going home with something again!

On a happier note, I am feeling really blessed.  I have some really sweet friends-my work friends surprised me and took me out to lunch yesterday, and some friends from church are bringing us dinner for two nights in a row.  It really warms my heart to know that people care about me.  My extended family are being a little...indifferent about it all, so it surprised me that so many people chose to express their support for me, in what is essenstially a little thing.  Talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus...I've been blessed to be a recipient, and yes, God is in the little things, too.

I'm still a little under the influenece of the little cocktail the anesthesioloist gave me today, so if this makes no sense, or is riddled with spelling and grammar errors, then.....well, I guess I'm writing how I normally do.      < insert rimshot here > Wacka, wacka, wacka! Hoo boy, I think I'd better sign off now....


  1. Aww, poor girl! I am glad that everything today went as scheduled and feel terrible that the things you had to do last night were so awful ((( hug )))

  2. That doctor should be thumped on the head!

    I'm glad you're over the awful part and are feeling better! :-)

  3. Hoping the worst is behind you!

    And welcome to TMC!!!

  4. Thank you!
    A little update: my husband informed me that after my surgery, the Doctor sincerely appologized about the whole....thing...I did that I didn't have to really do. He said he felt really bad about it.
    So, he IS a nice guy afterall, LOL!


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