Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is it just me or do you... (Part 2)

It's time for another fun round of Is It Just Me, or Do You.... Designed to help all of us but especially me feel better about some of the silly/crazy/strange/quirky things we do.

So, tell me, is it just me, or do you....
  • always wear socks to the OB/GYN? Even if I wear sandals, I bring along a pair of socks to wear because "Oh my gawsh! I can't let him see my feet!"
  • I'll take any excuse to post a funny kitty picture...
  • put wrinkled clothes in the dryer for a while, hoping that you won't have to actually iron?
  • buy yourself a candy bar at the grocery store on those rare occasions when you get to go alone, and snarf it down quickly in the car on the way home so you don't have to share it with your kids?
  • get a little jealous of people who actually really don't mind ordering grilled chicken or fish and steamed vegetables at restaurants, instead of the cheesy, creamy, fatty, high caloric items (ie-things that taste good)? Honestly, when I'm trying to eat "healthy" (ie-trying to not have to buy yet another size up in pants), I'd rather eat a Lean Cuisine at home than have to choke down an overpriced slab of plain chicken at a restaurant.
  • get annoyed as you listen to your Mom talk about how her Mom is annoying her? (she's 84 Mom, if she thinks the cake you baked 2 months ago had white icing when it really had chocolate icing, then WHO CARES?! True story.)
  • spritz some Febreeze around before company comes just so it smells like you've been cleaning?
  • feel completely satisfied with just wandering around Target when you finally get some alone time? (Added points if you smile and get a little giddy when you hear other children crying/whining/fighting with siblings/begging for toys because you're thinking to yourself, "Haha! That's not my kid!")
  • ever introduce yourself to someone you've already met several times? Yes, true story, sadly.  I have a bad habit of not recognizing people when they are out of the normal context of where I am used to seeing them.  It's so embarrassing.
  • have to rehearse in your head what you are going to say before you make a business call? (Added points if you forget what you were going to say when they answer the phone, and you spend a few seconds being tongue-tied before stuttering or giggling nervously.)
  • watch 45 minutes of a program before you remember that the program was DVR'd, and you could have been fast forwarding the commercials (and not strategically planning bathroom or snack trips so you didn't miss anything)?
  • dream about writing great blog posts or witty Facebook statuses in your sleep, but then can't remember them in the morning?
What are your "Is it just me, or's"?  If you'd like, share them in the comments, or blog about them and let me know so I can read them!


  1. Simply put...I can not stop laughing! This was right on! My favorite Candy Bar right now is the Butterfinger Crisps!! I wear socks all the time to the OBYN, and sadley, I enjoy the 1/2 hour marathon trip to target on my lunch, more then I do if I have 2 hours to spend, but have all three kids with me! Thanks for Sharing... I may try to post a "Is it just me or", but I don't think I could come up with anything better!

  2. Love it!! I think all of those things are me too! The chocolate..check...the NO ironing...I'll wear it wrinkled if the dryer doesn't work! I TOTALLY don't believe that ANYONE wants to order baked fish or broiled chicken and veg and pay restaurant prices...I am with you on the Lean Cuisine...and the Febreze...yep...(hangs her head in shame). This makes me feel so normal and happy :)

  3. Thanks, girls! This is why I share-to help us all feel a little more normal, LOL!

  4. HA! I do all that and but the DVR thing...don't have one of them. Well said as always you crack me up!

  5. Bethany, you crack me up! I can relate to all of these! I don't wear socks at the OB-GYN but here's something I heard a female comedian say once and I laughed because I thought I was the only one who did it: We all hide our underwear when we get undressed at the GYN!

    Instead of spritzing Febreze, I fill up the sinks with some Pine-Sol before company comes. An elderly lady recommended that to me when I first got married. I'll try Febreze now!

    We totally use the dryer EVERY DAY to get wrinkles out of our clothes. It might have something to do with the fact that I can never get my clean clothes folded and put away!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  6. hahahaha, I love this post, the only thing I do differently is the Febreeze. People recognize the Febreeze scent. So, I will pick a counter, even a small one, and wipe it down with Pine Sol, now THERE is a "cleaning" smell. Darn, I just told my secret, well, good thing my family doesn't read this. haha

  7. You all are geniuses with the Pine Sol! I'm going to have to get some of that. I have to admit-I love the smelll of freshly washed clothes, so when I haven't put my folded clothes away promptly, I've been known to spray it with Downey scented Febreeze! I think I have an addiction to Febreeze (and Downey).
    I totally hide my undies at the Gyn. I wonder if the doctor would notcie if I didn't? I'm going today, if I had the nerve, I'd conduct a social experiement...hmmmmm.

  8. Hey Bethany...just thought I'd let you know that I have posted my list at www.fernaaysfamily.blogspot.com! I don't feel it's as witty and fun as yours, but it was a ton of fun writing the post! Thanks again for the great topic!

  9. Hey! Here's the link to Thursday 13! It's a newbie site I think and it's not perfect...I had to save the banner as a picture and then insert it from my picture files :)


    And here's my link:

  10. Great Monica! I'll go check them out! Maybe we can make thsi a regular meme.

    Thanks for the link, Tanya! I'm feeling kind of brain dead on blog post topics lately, so maybe this will get me going. Late to the party, but then I pretty much always am.

  11. Hilarious stuff, Bethany. Being a guy, I'm sure I don't understand the "socks at the OB/GYN" thing, but the irony there is unmistakable.

    I'm also bad at recognizing people out of context. I know that I know them, but that's about it.

  12. Thanks Chris! I think the socks thing is just some futile attempt of hanging on to some shred of dignity, or "mystery", if you will.

    What's scary is that I won't even notice that a person looks familiar half the time if I see them somewhere else. I need to start taking covert pictures of everyone I meet and memorizing their names and faces. That wouldn't be stalkerish at all, would it?


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