Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Would You Stitch on a Pillow?

You know those decorative pillows that southern belles, debutantes, and beauty contestant types supposedly have on their big, fluffy, canopied beds? The ones with inspirational statements on them?  Well, I've decided that I ought to make some of my own! I could even sell them on etsy or in craft fairs! You know, if I had the attention span and talent to sew and embroider and cross stitch, that is.  Well, I may never have an adorable, trendy etsy shop with handmade in demand stuff, but I do have this blog, so I'll share some of my favorite inspirational, words to live by, quoted directly from Yours Truly. (Some directly swiped from my Twitter feed-Komedy Gold, I tell you!)

  • Fall is Overrated
  • If It's Too Cold For Flipflops, It's Too Cold
  • A Well Made Gravy Goes With Everything
  • If This is the Start of My Midlife Crisis, Then Where is My Sports Car?
  • Everything in Life Can Be Related to an Episode of Friends or Seinfeld
  • Cheese Makes Everything Better
  • The One Time You Have Family Over and Run Out of Toilet Paper, Grandma Will Complain and Harp on it For the Next Five Years (not that that actually happened, or anything....)
What would you stitch on a pillow?
(picture used is from

By the way-I'd appreciate it if a few of you could do me a favor.  I'm working on possibly getting a temporary teaching job, and have applied a few places.  I received an automated email back from one district asking me if I had a home page, because they like to see what potential employees can do with technology.  So, not knowing what else to do, I started an education related blog.  I have zero followers, so it'd probably look better if I had a few, ;-) If you wouldn't mind following me here, I'd appreciate it! It probably won't be terribly exciting, so don't feel compelled to read it if you want.  If you have suggestions-I'm open to hearing them, but please be kind! Thanks!


  1. I am now following your other blog now too. Reading through it you have some great ideas, I hope you get the job!

    For the pillows, my Mom always said "there is a special place in Heaven for mothers of three boys" in fact I think she had this made into a plaque if I remember correctly. She always said there is no other combination more difficult; three girls, four boys, nothing.

  2. LOL! "Everything in Life Can Be Related to an Episode of Friends or Seinfeld"! Love it and it is so true!

    I've seen a pillow or plaque that says "Mothers of Little Boys Work From Son Up to Son Down". That's pretty appropriate to my life!

    I'm following on your other blog, now, too!

  3. I have been reading your blog for the past hour...I feel like you're speaking my mind hahaha.

    My pillow would say...

    "Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts."

  4. Mine would say "I smile because we're related, I laugh because you can't do anything about it!" Muhahahahaa!


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