Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Bits and Pieces

Ok, so I just typed a big long thing about my hair, and about how I got it dyed darker, and had the girl blow out straight, and how it made my face look fat, so I felt bad about myself, and went back to puffy face camouflaging curly hair, yada, yada, yada.... But I got bored even typing it, so I deleted it. Anyhow, I like the color-it's a lot darker than I've ever been, and I've been in need of a change. I'd like different style, but I can't find any that will work with my hair and look good on me. I'm in a rut, LOL. My under eye circles look even darker now, though. I wear 3 different concealers (at a time!) and still can't cover them up. Anyone know of any great products for dark circles? I'm desperate!

I volunteered in my son's class again yesterday. No, I didn't have to make copies, thank God! I worked with kids in centers, which was fun. But anyhow, when it was time to leave, my son wouldn't let me kiss or hug him goodbye! My heart was broken! I did at least get a handshake. I'm kind of down this week-my babies are both growing up! My 9 year old daughter has been so moody and dramatic, and it really hit me that soon we'll need to talk about training bras, time of the month, and (oh dear God, no!) I really miss having little people around-I wish my husband would agree to having another baby.... I need someone to baby-I can only talk baby talk to the cat for so long until I start to feel a little nutso!

I think I'm going to take up running. (Refer back to the "fat face" comment above.) I'm absolutely crazy. I hate running for many reasons-things bounce around that ought not too, I can't BREATHE when I run (that's a biggie, LOL), I get bored doing repetitive things, I'm too self conscious to do it in public, and I hate exercising in general. BUT, I need to do something-plus, I saw a quote this week from Eleanor Roosevelt that inspired me. "You must do the one thing that you think you cannot." Well, I never thought that I could be a runner, so I think I'll give it a try. I'm going to do the Couch to 5K thing. Of course, if you ask me next week, I'll have probably changed my mind and Ill be stuffing my face with Rotel dip and chips....

I've really been into reading blogs lately. I have some that I normally follow, but I've been looking for new ones to read this week. I think as a feature here, I'll recommend a blog or two every week. This week, I'm recommended two blogs by the same author. These are two of my favorites: Lindsay is a great writer-she's funny, and she writes about things that the 30something Mom can relate to. is Lindsay's new "style on a budget" type blog. She has some great tips, and I enjoy reading it, although she's too big a fan of leggings and skinny jeans, which I just can't/won't wear.

Well, I think that's all I've got for now...


  1. Wow...we are a LOT alike! I am NEVER satisfied with my hair. In fact, last night I decided that I hate the blonde & want to go darker again. I gave it a month, but eh....I think with my pale skin it just washes me out. I'll probably go back to the warm brown with reddish highlights.

    And my sentiments exactly on the exercise thing...UGH. I hate it! Sounds funny, since I coached gymnastics for so long, but I wasn't doing all of the skills & conditioning- I was making other people do them...LOL.

    Now, onto the eye circle thing. Max Factor makes a white concealer that I LOVE. I can't find it in any store now though, so I have to order it online. It's called Erace- has it for $4.99:)


  2. Oooo! Thanks for the concealer suggestion-I'll check it out. Max Factor is going out fo business, though, so we both might want to stock up before it's gone forever!
    Yeah, I'm not in love with my hair at all. I like it blonde in the summer when I actually had some color to my skin, but it was looking really blah lately. Unfortunatley, I look like a vampire with the darker hair-and not in a good way, either! I think I'll get a bunch of caramel highlights next time-I have a few now, but not enough. I'd love to do reddish highlights, but my husband is a redhead (or was), and doesn't want me too.
    I haven't run yet, but I've thought about it a lot-that ought to count for something!

  3. Note to self: Next time, edit for typos before posting comment reply, LOL!


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