Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disturbing Pictures My Son Draws

This is the first post of what may become a regular feature here at Imperfect Mom, Disturbing Pictures My Son Draws. My son is a first grader, and has an unhealthy healthy obsession with airplanes, paratroopers and all thing military. I've been assured by many Facebook friends that these pictures are indeed normal for a little boy to draw, but I don't know.... After being used to my daughters drawings of happily frollicking horses and puppies, with nary a firearm in sight, these pictures are a bit disconcerting. His drawing is still a (I think that's the word I want), so allow me to interpret.


As you can see from this first picture, there is a ginormous purple airplane with a big eye shooting massive black bombs down at the soldiers on the ground. One soldier, a very, very short one, (or maybe he's just dead?) seems to be shooting giant black bombs up at the plane with a bazooka. The plane also appears to be shooting missiles at the ground, except the gunner has made a grievous error, because the missiles are going backwards. Several paratroopers are raining down from the purple sky, and some purple UFO thing. Other soldiers are shooting at each other on the ground with backwards rifles; one has maniacal smile on his face (PTSD perhaps?) While another is hovering, legless, over the ground holding his gun. Balls of fire are all over the place.... We don't let him watch war movies, where does this stuff come from? It must be built into the DNA of a boy.

This one is my favorite. Let's start with the pickle with wings green airplane, which is firing past the erupting volcano at the huge dinosaur on the other side. Almost caught in the cross hairs, is a lone mountain climber on the volcano. I don't know why he's climbing an erupting volcano with volcano-sized dinosaurs in the area, but he's obviously regretting his decision, because he has a huge frown on his red face. The poor dinosaur is likely regretting his decision to visit the volcano today, too, because a flaming meteorite is heading towards his neck, as a smiling man (with some crazy hair) on the ground is shooting him up his....erm.....butt. Talk about a bad day...

Do you see why I'm a bit concerned? I'm going to save these pictures, in case I need to show them to his therapist (parole officer?) some day.

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